James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell

Seat of high status for scientist

THE first statue to be erected on George Street in more than 100 years has been given the go-ahead by city planners.

First new statue on George Street since 1873?

THE first statue in more than 100 years is set to be unveiled on Edinburgh's George Street in honour of an eminent city scientist.

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Opening the door to Maxwell's Demons

IT HINTED at the possibility of a perpetual motion machine, tantalising the finest minds of several generations by the apparent contradiction of the laws of physics.

Maxwell's in poll position

EDINBURGH'S "forgotten" scientist seems to be well remembered after all.

Award to honour city scientist

AN award has been launched to commemorate "forgotten" Edinburgh scientist James Clerk Maxwell and reward scientists in the field of electronics.

£43,000 grant to promote 'forgotten' Maxwell

A GROUP championing the "forgotten" Edinburgh scientist James Clerk Maxwell has been given a £43,300 grant.

Scientist history forgot finds place in public equation

THE name Albert Einstein is synonymous with his famous formula E+MC², just as Isaac Newton will forever be remembered for discovering that what goes up, must come down. But "forgotten" Edinburgh scientist James Clerk Maxwell is lacking a similar catchy tagline to ensure he is a household name, despite having made discoveries which paved the way for hundreds of modern inventions, including the mobile phone, television and X-ray machines.

Photo pioneer legacy lives on in statue bid

PLANS to erect a statue of physicist James Clerk Maxwell in the Capital are being considered by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

A true pioneer in his own field

IT IS one of the great anomalies of the celebration of Scottish genius that the achievements of James Clerk Maxwell have figured so marginally in that extraordinary panoply. Among professional scientists he is accorded a status comparable to that of Newton and Einstein. Peter Harman, the editor of Maxwell's letters and papers, has written: "James Clerk Maxwell's contributions to science... have established his special place (with Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein) in the history of physics."

Scots father of the stealth fighter

SHHHH! Keep it to yourself, but the scientist whose discoveries led to the development of the US's stealth fighter was actually a Scot: James Clerk Maxwell.

James Clerk Maxwell

JAMES Clerk Maxwell, the Scot considered by his successors one of the most influential physicists of the 19th century, was born in Edinburgh on 13 June, 1831, but grew up in rural Glenlair, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Appliance of science

The Man Who Changed Everything: A Life of James Clerk Maxwell by Basil Mahon, Wiley, £18.99

Play has magnetic appeal

TEN-YEAR-OLD Angus Kunkler is to take the part of James Clerk Maxwell in a new play about the life of the great Scottish scientist.

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