James Bond

James Bond

Bond star marries actress girlfriend

JAMES Bond star Daniel Craig has married British actress Rachel Weisz.

Gemma Fraser: Reinvented classics brought to book

With new Sherlock Holmes and James Bond novels on the way, Gemma Fraser asks whether it's ever a good idea to revisit a classic

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A view to a bid: James Bond posters and books go under the hammer

BIDDERS are sure to be shaken and stirred as this From Russia With Love poster and a number of James Bond first editions are sold at auction.

Film posters of Sean Connery as 007 fetch £14,125

THEY were worth just a few pennies when originally they adorned billboards and drew cinema-goers to see the Capital's latest rising star.

Tom Jones 'could have been 007'

Singer Sir Tom Jones has revealed he was considered for the role of James Bond. Sir Tom said producer Cubby Broccoli toyed with casting him as 007.

A Scots spy with a talent for poetry

AMONG the most prominent Scots who worked for MI6 was Compton MacKenzie, who would go on to write Whisky Galore, and whose literary sensibilities were proudly displayed in the official reports he despatched back to Britain.

The real story behind Bond's dinner jacket: MI6 secrets revealed in new book

IT is a scene that perfectly captures the intrigue and elegance of the life of a secret agent.

Former Bond girl blasts Hollywood female roles

GEMMA Arterton has hit out at the film world for putting women in the "background" - and said that she has been seen "as a piece of ass".

007 fans fear Craig's days are numbered

NEWS that the next James Bond movie is being put on hold has sparked concern about Daniel Craig's future. EON Productions have blamed the financial difficulties of MGM studios, which is reported to have a £2.4 billion debt.

Studio debt puts James Bond film on hold

JAMES Bond's licence to thrill has been put on hold as studio executives announced they have suspended development of the next film in the long-running series.

Fleming: from jute mills to dry martinis

IT MAY not boast the opulent casinos of Monte Carlo or the palm trees of Jamaica, but 007's roots have been traced back to Dundee.

The secret's out: MI5 look for a real-life Q

BRITISH security service MI5 is recruiting a real-life Q to equip its agents with the gadgets James Bond would dream of.

Broccoli season sprouts with Sir Sean Connery's restored Bond films

RESTORED films for six of Sir Sean Connery's James Bond outings are to be shown at the Filmhouse as part of a special season.

Film review: Quantum of Solace


The name's Wills… Prince Wills

WITH men in tuxedos, women in their best evening dresses and even a royal presence, it was the type of glamorous, high-profile event perfectly tailored to a suave super-spy.

The Bond Bombshell

A WOMAN is walking slowly towards me, expertly wielding a cut-throat razor. We're in a small room three stories above street level, and the only exit is blocked by a solid-looking man dressed in black. What would James Bond do in a situation like this? Break out some nifty martial arts moves to disarm the woman before plunging the razor into the henchman's jugular? Or make a shaken-not-stirred exit by jumping out of the window onto the top of a passing lorry?

A Quantum leap

DANIEL CRAIG bounds into the room, his arm in a sling. "Damn, I was hoping you wouldn't notice," he says. Wound up like a coil from talking all day, he's eager to cut the crap when it comes to his interpretation of Bond. "I genuinely just nicked a lot of stuff from Ian Fleming," he says.

Best Scottish Bond connection

SIR SEAN CONNERY: What would the 007 films have been without the inimitable Shir Shean?

Best Bond film death

Die another way

Best underrated Bond film

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER (1971): Sean Connery's last outing as 007 and, by now, the tetchy Scot felt he was bigger than the franchise itself.

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