Jack McConnell

Jack McConnell

Scotland must go global to ensure future prosperity, warns McConnell

FORMER First Minister Jack McConnell will this week say Scotland must fling open its doors to the world to combat budget cuts and the threat of a lost economic decade.

Jack McConnell 'embarrassed' by Labour at Westminster

JACK McConnell has launched a remarkable assault on Labour's record in government, saying he was regularly "embarrassed" by the often "indefensible" conduct of the former UK government.

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Jack McConnell backs David Miliband in Labour leadership race

Jack McConnell, Scotland's former first minister, has backed David Miliband to be the next labour of the Labour Party.

John McTernan: Jack McConnell may have taken his final bow from frontline politics, but he's not finished yet

I owe a lot to Jack McConnell. If I hadn't been sacked by him (in the week before Christmas my family bitterly noted), I wouldn't have become a journalist and probably wouldn't have worked for Tony Blair at No 10. Readers who are less enamoured of New Labour than I am may now be reflecting that this could be Jack's greatest single act of lasting political damage, but for me it's a way of reflecting on the banal, though true, aphorism, that when one door closes another

Tom Peterkin: His failures: The man who ended Labour's dominance

Whatever his achievements as a politician, Lord McConnell will go down as the Labour leader who ended his party's dominance of Scottish politics.

Tom Peterkin: His successes - Making a difference, from backstreet pubs to Africa

History will view Lord McConnell's decision to make Scotland the first place in the UK to implement a public smoking ban as his most far- reaching achievement.

It's time to move on, declares Jack McConnell as he 'retires'

THE former First Minister Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale last night announced he is to quit frontline politics and will not stand for Holyrood at next year's Scottish Parliamentary elections.

Jack McConnell: Cheer up Jack, you're in the Lords

A DECADE ago as a minister, Jack McConnell declared that he wanted to open up Scotland's "elitist" quangos to ordinary people rather than the great and the good.

The special place that makes title of new Lord McConnell

THE former First Minister Jack McConnell has gone back to his Arran roots for his new role in the House of Lords.

Jack McConnell: Ten tips for making coalition work

Former First Minister Jack McConnell reveals the secrets of a strong, stable pact

McConnell to stand for re-election in 2011 but denies leadership bid

FORMER first minister Jack McConnell has denied reports he is set to launch a bid for the leadership of the Scottish Labour Party, after it was confirmed he is to stand for election to Holyrood again in 2011.

Jack McConnell: Kick in the teeth for our young volunteers

THE single thing that has sustained and inspired me throughout 25 years in politics is the energy and enthusiasm of young Scots – for their communities, their country and their future.

Jack McConnell: Seize this opportunity to start treating Africans as equals

THERE are millions of innocent victims of this recession. Here at home, thousands of Scots are facing the prospect of unemployment, most for the first time in their lives. Families are losing their homes, pensioners can only watch with trepidation as their savings dwindle, and small companies, the backbone of any economy, are struggling to survive as orders dry up and credit remains tight.

Can Labour really hope to keep Jack out of Africa?

GORDON Brown is still hopeful Jack McConnell will not take up his post as High Commissioner to Malawi.

'Frustrated' McConnell blames Westminster and Iraq for election defeat

JACK McConnell has blamed the war in Iraq and turmoil in Westminster for his election defeat in May's Scottish elections, claiming that matters "were outwith my control" ahead of the poll.

Cocktails and chauffeurs await as McConnell looks ahead to African posting

THE long bungalow that will become Jack McConnell's new home sits behind high walls and armed guards in the best part of Lilongwe.

McConnell quits to fight Africa poverty

JACK McCONNELL today quit as Scottish Labour leader to take up his "dream job" of fighting poverty in Africa with Bill Clinton and Sir Tom Hunter.

'Away day' of reckoning looms for Labour leader

JACK McConnell is facing an ultimatum to announce his resignation this month or face an immediate challenge to his authority from backbench MSPs.

For McConnell, the night of the long knives may be around the corner

JACK McConnell has spent much of this week in his beloved Arran, working on his golf handicap. The former first minister has applied himself to achieving more accuracy in his drive, a smoother swing and greater putting precision.

McConnell just weeks from stepping down

JACK McConnell is set to stand down as Labour's Holyrood leader within the next four weeks, with Wendy Alexander emerging last night as the front-runner to succeed him.

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