IVF treatment

IVF treatment

IVF treatment mistakes treble in three years

The number of mistakes or near-misses in IVF treatment in Britain have more than trebled in three years, new figures have revealed.

Lottery offers fertility prize worth £25,000

THE founder of a charity offering support to childless couples and people struggling to start a family has defended a new lottery game offering a prize of £25,000 of fertility treatment.

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Multiple births from IVF down

The proportion of multiple births following in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment is falling, according to new figures.

Tories unveil £5m plan to wipe out IVF postcode lottery

PLANS to set up a £5 million fund to put infertility treatment "at the heart of the NHS" will be unveiled today as one of the top priorities in the Scottish Conservatives' manifesto.

Mouthpiece: Natural help with conception

Fertility problems can be stressful and upsetting

Mother is oldest surrogate in Britain

A 57-YEAR-old woman has given birth to her own grandson to become Britain's oldest surrogate mother.

Anger at patients 'jumping' IVF queue

AN MSP has hit out at preferential treatment for private patients prepared to pay thousands of pounds for IVF treatment by the NHS.

Study shows benefits of one embryo in IVF plan

WOMEN who have only one embryo transferred during IVF are almost five times more likely to deliver a baby at full term than those having two embryos put back, according to new research.

Embryo test boosts IVF success rate

A SCREENING test to select the best embryos for IVF could dramatically boost success rates, researchers said yesterday.

IVF pioneer Edwards awarded Nobel Prize

PROFESSOR Robert Edwards, who has helped millions of infertile couples to have children by developing in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), yesterday won the 2010 Nobel Prize in medicine.

How humble cup of coffee could prevent deadly IVF side-effect

A LIFE-THREATENING complication caused by fertility treatment could be prevented by drinking a cup of coffee, new research suggests.

Women up to 44 'should get free IVF treatment'

Women up to the age of 44 should be given free IVF treatment, an expert has claimed.

Case study: It can be a bottomless pit … there is no guarantee

Caroline Wright and her husband, Stuart, spent £9,000 on IVF treatment before they had their twins daughters, Lisa and Emma, now aged four.

IVF: Women willing to spend £50,000

Women would be willing to spend an average of £15,000 on fertility treatment to help them get pregnant, research reveals.

Inequality of Scottish IVF is revealed

A "POSTCODE lottery" for women seeking infertility treatment in Scotland has been highlighted by campaigners.

Demand for fertility treatment is rising with an increasing number of couples experiencing problems conceiving.

MAKING the decision to start a family is never easy. The financial impact, effects on careers and worrying about childcare are among the many issues that need to be considered. But for some couples, deciding is the easy part – the road to becoming pregnant is much more difficult.

Two miracle babies for 'infertile' cancer victim

A FORMER cancer patient has made medical history by giving birth to two babies after her fertility was restored with frozen ovarian tissue.

No age bar as private Edinburgh IVF clinic to open doors

OLDER couples struggling to start a family are to be offered fresh hope with the opening of Lothian's first private IVF clinic.

IVF couples face higher costs

COUPLES undergoing IVF might face higher bills after European regulators said they should be screened for diseases between each treatment cycle.

Couples wait six months to three years for IVF in 'postcode lottery'

COUPLES seeking IVF treatment face a "postcode lottery" across the country, it was claimed yesterday.

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