Irvine Welsh & Trainspotting

Irvine Welsh & Trainspotting

All aboard for a special screening of Trainspotting

CHOOSE life! By introducing cinema audiences to Renton, Spud, Sick Boy, Tommy, Begbie and Diane, Trainspotting showcased the talents of Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Johnny Lee Miller, Kevin McKidd, Robert Carlyle and Kelly Macdonald, making them international stars in the process.

Choose time in gallery for showing of Trainspotting

IT is more used to displaying Renoir than Renton.

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Irvine Welsh? He's not even Scottish - 'Ecstasy' director tells of gaffe by arts chiefs

THE director of the big screen version of Irvine Welsh's novel Ecstasy claimed last night he has been forced to make the film in Canada because of "obstructions" put in his way by Scotland's film body.

A chance to be in Irvine Welsh's prequel to Trainspotting

BEST-selling author Irvine Welsh is hosting a special screening of the film version of his famous first novel tonight to help raise funds for a Scottish charity.

Author Irvine Welsh hits out at coalition plan to force addicts into rehab.

The author Irvine Welsh - famed for his chronicle of Edinburgh drug abuse, Trainspotting - made a rare public appearance in his home city yesterday and wasted no time in criticising the new Westminster government.

Welsh offers naming rights for Trainspotting prequel

AUTHOR Irvine Welsh is preparing to give fans the chance to join them by naming one of his new characters from his forthcoming prequel to hit novel Trainspotting after them.

Irvine Welsh in new censorship row as Malta university bans 'obscene' book

HIS ability to shock liberal-minded readers has somewhat diminished over the years.

Irvine Welsh on soccer star Alan Gordon: My friend, my idol – and my accountant

TRAINSPOTTING author Irvine Welsh last night paid tribute to one of his inspirations, hailing the Hibernian footballer Alan Gordon as "my friend, my idol – and my accountant".

Irvine Welsh targets cheap booze

HE DEFINED Scotland's generation of 1980s drugs excess. Now Irvine Welsh has set his sights on perhaps the nation's most widely available drug – cheap booze.

Choose life, choose a job, choose Renton & Co before Trainspotting, choose to write prequel

THE antics of Renton, Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie in Trainspotting won Scottish writer Irvine Welsh worldwide fame.

Star station where few trains are spotted gets big facelift

THE desolate Scottish train station made famous in the cult film Trainspotting is getting a £400,000 facelift – because it is so popular with tourists.

What matters to me: Irvine Welsh, Author

Who would attend your fantasy dinner party and what would you eat?

Book review: Reheated Cabbage by Irvine Welsh

Reheated Cabbage Irvine Welsh Jonathan Cape, £12.99

Welsh backs violent book by Hibs casual

TRAINSPOTTING author Irvine Welsh has written a foreword for a new book by a notorious Hibs casual, calling him a "good pal".

Irvine Welsh interview

DAVINA McCALL is yelling into her microphone, wind whipping her hair into her face and a squealing, near hysterical mob is behind her brandishing their banners and shouting "out, out, out".

Welsh offers chance to join Trainspotting gang

CHOOSE life. Choose being immortalised in the prequel to the most famous Scottish book of modern times.

Irvine Welsh at the sharp end of darts drama

HE MADE his name writing about needles, but now Irvine Welsh is behind a razor-sharp comedy about darts.

Welsh's debut as director put on hold

IRVINE Welsh's directorial debut has been put on hold after Scottish Screen withdrew £400,000 funding.

Crime and Punishment - Irvine Welsh

Irvine Welsh's novels are admired by prisoners for their accurate portrayal of their world, so where better to discuss his new work than in Saughton jail? Books editor David Robinson joined the group

Author's move pays off

AUTHOR Irvine Welsh has revealed his years spent living away from Edinburgh has given him a new perspective on the "cold, grey and dark" streets where he grew up.

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