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Dozens dead after wave of bombings hit Baghdad

A wave of bombings has rocked Baghdad, killing at least 60 people in the worst violence Iraq has seen for months.

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US flag ceremony signals formal end of Iraq war

The US military has formally shut down the war in Iraq, officially retiring the flag of US Forces-Iraq.

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Embassy mob: ‘Death to England’

Hardline Iranian students have stormed Britain’s two diplomatic compounds in Tehran, lobbing petrol bombs, smashing windows and burning the Union Flag which they replaced with Iranian ones.

Legal win may pave way for public inquiry into British Army ‘torture’

MORE than 100 Iraqi civilians have won a landmark Court of Appeal battle in their bid for a fresh public inquiry into allegations of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment made against British soldiers and interrogators.

29 killed by wave of suicide bombing

Suicide bombers and roadside blasts targeted police across Baghdad yesterday, killing at least 28 people and wounding dozens on the second day of serial bombings in the Iraqi capital in less than a week.

Trams councillor: I was out of my depth

THE politician at the centre of Edinburgh’s tram fiasco has admitted that he and his colleagues were out of their depth and failed to oversee the project properly.


Pipeline bombs in Iraq hit BP oilfield

A PAIR of bombs struck two oil pipelines in southern Iraq, causing a temporary cut in production at the country’s largest oil field.

Afghan president gives frank assessment of failings on tenth anniversary of launch of US-led war

Afghan president Hamid Karzai has said the Taleban are entirely reliant on Pakistan, claiming the militants cannot lift a finger without the Pakistanis.

Parisa Hafezi: Scandal threatens Iranian president

IRAN’S hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who campaigned on a pledge to combat corruption, is facing a fresh internal political crisis over the biggest financial scandal in Iran’s history.

Immunity demand for US troops

American troops remaining in Iraq must be granted immunity from local prosecution, US defence secretary Leon Panetta said yesterday.

Chilling video shows Iraqi insurgents making weapons of death

IRAQI insurgents allied to al-Qaeda have released a video showing showing them manufacturing rockets, silencers, improvised explosive devices, vehicle-borne IEDs, remote-control full-size cars and automated machine-guns.

Iraqi insurgents are killed in attack

Iraqi security forces yesterday killed several insurgents after they attacked a local government compound and a police station in Anbar.

Baghdad family of three shot dead in bed

Gunmen broke into a house and fatally shot a family as they slept, Iraqi officials confirmed last night.

'The key to a long life - don't be born in Iraq,' WHO statistics reveals

Average life expectancies are increasing steadily in most of the world, but men in Iraq and women in South Africa are bucking the trend.

Alastair Campbell did try to 'beef up' Iraq dossier, claims officer

ALASTAIR Campbell's claim that the controversial Iraq dossier was not about putting the "case for war" has been strongly denied by a former top military intelligence officer.

Bomb injures seven outside Iraqi church

AT LEAST seven people were injured when a bomb outside the entrance of a Baghdad church exploded yesterday, an Iraqi police official said.

Waleed Ibrahim: Threat to revive militia shows Iraq regime's fragility

Moqtada al-Sadr's threat to unleash his Mehdi Army could revive radical elements in Iraq and pit the once-feared militia against Iraqi and US troops.

Blackwater case under review

An appeals court yesterday resurrected the case against four Blackwater Worldwide guards involved in shooting in a Baghdad public square that killed 17 Iraqis in 2007.

Army probes Iraq footage

Army police and a team of investigators are examining footage that appears to show British soldiers beating an Iraqi civilian.

Ten killed as Iraq military storms Iran exiles' camp

Iraq security forces yesterday raided the settlement of an Iranian exile group that the Shiite-led government has long tried to disband.

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