Iranian earthquake

Iranian earthquake

38 dead and hundreds hurt after two quakes rock Iran

TWO strong earthquakes followed by several aftershocks jolted western Iran early today, killing at least 38 people and injuring hundreds more.

38 dead and hundreds injured as Iran rocked by two earthquakes

TWO strong earthquakes followed by several aftershocks jolted western Iran early today, killing at least 38 people and injuring hundreds more.

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Good intentions lost in translation

IT WAS hailed as a diplomatic breakthrough, the first visit to Iran by a member of the British Royal Family for almost three decades. But for the people of Bam, the city devastated by an earthquake on Boxing Day, the reason for the Prince of Wales’s visit was less clear. "Why has he come here?" one woman asked, "Is he going to rebuild the city?"

Charles is first royal in Iran for 33 years

THE Prince of Wales today held historic talks with the president of Iran as he became the first member of the Royal Family to visit the Islamic country in 33 years.

Man rescued 13 days after earthquake

A MIDDLE-AGED man has been pulled alive from the rubble of a home in Bam, 13 days after the Iranian town was levelled by a devastating earthquake.

Quake fears drive thousands outdoors in Iran

THOUSANDS of Iranians have spent nights outdoors after 31 tremors jolted the oil-rich province of Khuzestan, sparking fears of an earthquake such as the one that razed the city of Bam.

Survivor is found 13 days after earthquake in Iran

A MAN has been found alive after spending 13 days under the rubble of the Iran earthquake.

Quake threat prompts calls for a new capital city in Iran

IRAN is considering moving its capital away from Tehran amid warnings the country would be "decapitated" if a major earthquake struck the city.

Iranian joy at US help

ORDINARY Iranians are celebrating a warming of diplomatic ties between Tehran and the United States brought on by the Bam earthquake and hope an end is in sight to a quarter century of isolation from a country many openly admire.

Seismic shift in axis of evil

THE last time any American military aircraft landed in Iran the mission ended in calamity.

Woman, 97, rescued from quake rubble after eight days

A REMARKABLE Iranian woman in her 90s was pulled unscathed from the rubble of the Bam earthquake yesterday, eight days after shockwaves devastated the area. The dramatic rescue happened after sniffer dogs detected Shahrbanou Mazandarani, above. Iranian soldiers then spotted a hand protruding from the rubble and thought it belonged to a corpse.

Senator snubbed

IRAN has rejected the United States’ offer of a humanitarian delegation headed by a high-profile Republican senator to deliver earthquake relief.

Icy US-Iran relations continue to melt

THE slow thaw in relations between Iran and United States that followed last week’s earthquake continued last night, with a senior Iranian official saying Washington’s decision to ease some sanctions on Tehran would be responded to in kind.

Man pulled from rubble six days after Bam quake

RED Crescent workers thought Yadollah Saadat was dead as they dug through the rubble of a house in Bam. But the corpse, trapped under a wardrobe, began blinking and mumbling.

'1,000 may be buried alive in the rubble of Bam'

THE Red Crescent has implored international rescue teams to stay in Bam, claiming that as many as 1,000 people could still be alive in the wreckage of the city destroyed in last Friday’s earthquake.

Earthquake death toll could hit 50,000

UP TO 50,000 people could have died in the earthquake that demolished the city of Bam, Iranian officials said yesterday.

Baby saved by her dead mother

CRADLED in her mother’s arms, Nassim was protected from falling rubble as the building around them collapsed. Her dead mother’s embrace kept her warm as temperatures outside dropped dangerously low.

Iran quake death toll 'to hit 50,000'

THE death toll for the earthquake in Iran is likely to reach as high as 50,000, government officials warned today.

UK rescuers head home from Iran

EXHAUSTED British rescue teams were on their way home from Iran today after hopes of finding any more survivors of the earthquake in Bam faded.

Joy as rescue workers find survivors

AMID the rubble and the grief, there were brief moments of joy in the devastated Iranian city of Bam yesterday, as a girl was pulled from the rubble by rescue workers and mullahs told of bodies showing signs of life just moments before they were due to be buried.

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