Iran's nuclear programme

Iran's nuclear programme

MPs seek facts on missile deal failure

Iran’s parliament has questioned foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi about Russia’s cancellation of a deal to sell Tehran S-300 air defence missile systems.

Iran's missile silos are revealed

Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard has unveiled deep underground missile silos for the first time as it kicks off ten days of military exercises, the country's latest military show of force amid a standoff with the West over its nuclear programme.

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Iran not for turning over nuclear plans

IRAN will not stop enriching uranium, no matter what, president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said yesterday.

Switch-on at Iran's first nuclear plant

Iran's Bushehr nuclear power station has begun operating at a low level, in a crucial step towards bringing it online, the Russian company that built it has said.

World powers leave talks on Iranian nuclear programme empty-handed

TWO days of crisis talks on Iran's controversial nuclear programme ended yesterday, with the European Union and United States calling the discussions disappointing and saying that no further meetings were planned.

Iran refuses to negotiate on nuclear plans at crisis talks

Iran yesterday refused to discuss suspending its uranium enrichment programme at talks in Istanbul, despite western powers pressing it to curb its nuclear ambitions.

Few takers for Iran nuclear sites tour

A WEEKEND tour of Iran's nuclear sites appears set to go ahead without Russia, China, the European Union or key allies Turkey and Brazil, blunting Tehran's attempts to gain support ahead of crucial talks on its atomic activities.

Iranian bank ban stays in place

A BANK accused of indirectly helping to finance Iran's nuclear weapons programme has failed to overturn a Treasury order barring it from operating in the UK.

Iran snubs main critics as it invites western diplomats to tour disputed nuclear sites

IRAN has snubbed Britain, France, Germany and the United States in a surprise invitation to diplomats to visit its controversial nuclear plants.

Iran: President under fire over minister's dismissal

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad faced outrage at home yesterday over the dismissal of his long-time foreign minister, more evidence of a growing rift in Iran's leadership just as Tehran reopens talks with world powers on its disputed nuclear programme.

Iran's foreign minister axed as nuclear rift intensifies

Iran's president abruptly sacked his foreign minister yesterday and named the country's nuclear chief as acting top diplomat, the latest sign of a rift at the top levels of the Islamic theocracy as the country faces intense pressure from the West over its nuclear programme.

Iran: Expulsion call against British ambassador to Teheran

Conservative Iranian MPs have demanded the expulsion of the British ambassador after he criticised the country's human rights record.

Defector reveals secret trips to Iran by North Korean nuclear experts

A FORMER Iranian diplomat who defected to the West this year has described how he saw North Korean technicians repeatedly travel to Iran, which western officials fear is trying to develop nuclear weapons.

Nuclear fuel breakthrough claim by Iran as talks loom

Iran claimed yesterday it could use domestically mined uranium to produce nuclear fuel, giving the country complete control over a process the West suspects is geared toward producing weapons.

Iran blames the West after car bomb attack on nuclear scientists

ATTACKERS on motorcycles attached magnetised bombs to the cars of two Iranian nuclear scientists as they were driving to work in Tehran yesterday, killing one and wounding the other.

Brief shutdown for Iran's nuclear project

Nuclear inspectors monitoring Iran found the country's enrichment programme temporarily shut down a week ago, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported last night.

Iran hails air missile system as a success

Iran has successfully tested a new air defence missile system during the country's biggest ever air defence drill, the country's military has announced.

Iran building missile system after snub

Iran is building its own advanced anti-aircraft missile system, after Russia would not sell it one, a top commander of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard said.

Iranian military elite voices criticism of Ahmadinejad

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has come under unprecedented criticism from the Revolutionary Guards, the elite military force usually considered his staunch supporter.

Iran ready to resume its nuclear discussions

Iranian foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki yesterday said Tehran was ready to resume talks about its nuclear program with the international community within a matter of weeks.

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