Care home boss jumped out on colleague naked

A CARE home manager who got drunk and flashed his nipple before jumping out of a bathroom naked in front of one of his colleagues has been struck off the official register.

Summer washout may cost Scottish economy million

THE summer washout is set to cost the Scottish economy tens of millions of pounds, experts claimed today as forecasters warned of more heavy rain and possible flooding this weekend.

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Panda latest: Edinburgh Zoo pandas to meet for second mating attempt

Edinburgh Zoo’s pandas will meet again today as their keepers look to take advantage of the short window in which the giant bears can concieve.


Enter the Dragon: How Stieg Larsson’s epic tale made it to Hollywood

The book is one of strangest page-turners to enter mass public consciousness, featuring torture, rape, Swedish Nazis and lashings of political intrigue. So, how was The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’s journey to Hollywood? Alistair Harkness meets the director and cast to find out

Alternative Christmas carols: How did Santa and reindeers suddenly become cool?

From the Fence Collective to the Phantom Band, Scotland’s indie musicians are getting all festive this month...


Interview: Bobby Gillespie, Primal Scream frontman

IT MAY not have been the definitive poll-of-polls, where not being quoted was akin to death, but I still have the job of informing Bobby Gillespie that Primal Scream didn’t make the cut for Scotland’s Greatest Album, as decreed by STV.

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Interview: Wendy Barrie, teacher

IT'S six years since Jamie Oliver launched his campaign to rid our school dinner halls of Turkey Twizzlers, cheap burgers and greasy chips. But while the Naked Chef may be seen as a figurehead for the healthy eating movement, there are hundreds – probably thousands – of people on the front line quietly fighting to bring nutritious, balanced meals to schools.

Interview: Douglas Booth, actor

As GK Chesterton noted, “No man knows he is young while he is young.” There’s nought so serious as a determined youth, and actor Douglas Booth, aged 19, is that. He tells me he’ll only take a job “if it is going to be a blessing”, and seems so afraid of causing offence that if he expresses a liking for coffee, he hurriedly makes the case for tea, to even things out.


Interview: Christopher Young, film producer

The work of Skye producer Christopher Young has had an unexpected boost from four hapless English lads

Interview: Andy Goldsworthy, artist and sculptor

After his Glenmorangie Annual Lecture, Andy Goldsworthy talks about how the seasons shape his work, and why he is still ‘leaping around’ at 56

Interview: Andy Goldsworthy, artist and sculptor

As he prepares to give the Glenmorangie Annual Lecture, Andy Goldsworthy talks about how the seasons shape his work, and why he is still ‘leaping around’ at 56

Interview: Karen Dunbar and Clare Grogan gear up for panto season

Clare Grogan makes her panto debut this week, and is taking a few tips from co-star Karen Dunbar. Mark Fisher meets them backstage

Interview: Robert Webb, comedian

As a boy, Robert Webb was an avid fan of Blackadder. This Christmas, the classic comedy’s cast will be his supporting players in a Charles Dickens spoof

Interview: Robin Williams, actor

Having broken new ground in movie animation with his role as Genie in Aladdin, Robin Williams was happy to riff again with the cast of Happy Feet

Interview: Anja Baak, businesswoman

WITH a growing number of chi-chi little delicatessens on local street corners, most Scots are no longer strangers to continental charcuterie such as chorizo, salami and bresaola. But made with venison?

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Interview: Anthony Bourdain, writer and TV personality

Anthony Bourdain admits that, now in his 50s, he’s enjoying a second childhood after wasting his first. But don’t be fooled into thinking the Kitchen Confidential author is just ‘the food guy’. He’s sharp as a Sabatier

Interview: Imelda May, singer

When Imelda May started recording her music after years of playing live, she brought the hotch-potch of styles that she loved into the studio. The one that attracted the most attention was rockabilly – slap bass, wailing guitar and that driving drum beat that makes you want to dance.

Interview: Steve Lomas, St Johnstone manager

New manager has not been slow to make his presence felt since arriving in Perth

Interview: Terence Davies, film director

Erstwhile UK cinema golden boy Terence Davies is back and as always, has plenty to say. Alistair Harkness meets him

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