International terrorism

International terrorism

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Lockerbie comber: Megrahi flew to Malta for sex with mistress

THE Lockerbie bomber told investigators he travelled regularly from Libya to Malta to have sex with his mistress, without being required to carry his passport or identification papers.

Afghanistan: Suicide attacks leave dozens dead

A suicide bomber has killed at least 54 people outside a shrine in Kabul during an unprecedented wave of violence against minority Shiites in Afghanistan.

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Embassy mob: ‘Death to England’

Hardline Iranian students have stormed Britain’s two diplomatic compounds in Tehran, lobbing petrol bombs, smashing windows and burning the Union Flag which they replaced with Iranian ones.

James Bays: As celebrations over Gaddafi’s death continue, the power struggles begin

SADAT al-Badri is a member of Tripoli’s local council. Asked whether he would have preferred to have seen Gaddafi put on trial he said: “We like to bury this chapter now, so we can start to build our country again.”

Profile: Muammar al-Gaddafi

For four decades the wilful, mercurial figure of Muammar al-Gaddafi ruled Libya with an iron grip while remaining a persistent thorn in the side of the West.

Poles arrest suspects for Ikea bomb attacks

POLISH police have arrested and charged two suspects in a series of bomb attacks at Ikea stores in several European countries this year.

Afghan president gives frank assessment of failings on tenth anniversary of launch of US-led war

Afghan president Hamid Karzai has said the Taleban are entirely reliant on Pakistan, claiming the militants cannot lift a finger without the Pakistanis.

Filipino police hold Islamic militant

Philippine police have arrested an Abu Sayyaf Islamic militant gunman who allegedly helped behead seven Filipino workers while singing a militant song in 2007.

Plot to kill Karzai foiled as Afghans arrest six linked to terror networks

AFGHAN intelligence officials said that they have broken up a cell that plotted to kill president Hamid Karzai, arresting six people in Kabul allegedly linked to al-Qaeda and the Haqqani militant group.

Chilling video shows Iraqi insurgents making weapons of death

IRAQI insurgents allied to al-Qaeda have released a video showing showing them manufacturing rockets, silencers, improvised explosive devices, vehicle-borne IEDs, remote-control full-size cars and automated machine-guns.

Kenyans protest over poor security

Kenyans protested yesterday against the government’s lax security measures after gunmen seized a French hostage and escaped into Somalia, the second such incident in recent weeks, which locals fear will hit Kenya’s lucrative tourism industry.

Iraqi insurgents are killed in attack

Iraqi security forces yesterday killed several insurgents after they attacked a local government compound and a police station in Anbar.

Top award for fugitive – if he gives himself up

A FUGITIVE who escaped from a Spanish jail 25 years ago has won one of the Basque country’s top literary awards – but has been told he cannot have the money that goes with it until he hands himself in to authorities.

Islamic extremist jailed for 12 years after urging attacks on pro-war MPs

An IT graduate who posted messages on an Islamic extremist website, calling on Muslims to attack British MPs who voted in favour of the war in Iraq, has been jailed for 12 years.

Norway: Girl's chilling text messages revealed as dead are named

A TEENAGER caught up in the Utoya massacre sent desperate text messages to her mother, pleading for help as other youngsters were being killed, it emerged yesterday.

Breivik's insane and thinks he's the saviour of Europe, says lawyer

MASSACRE gunman Anders Breivik is insane and appears to have no idea of the worldwide revulsion at his acts, according to his lawyer.

Killer's praise for English right-wing group emerges in internet postings

ANDERS Behring Breivik hailed the far-right English Defence League as "a blessing", it has emerged.

Police face flak for series of blunders

WHEN Anders Breivik launched his assault on the young campers of Utoya Island he expected Norway's special forces to swoop and stop him any minute, but instead was given time to kill scores of people.

Norway: 'Our thoughts are with the people'

External affairs secretary Fiona Hyslop was yesterday the first of about 50 people to sign a book of condolence for the families of those killed in the attacks in Norway.

Russia dismisses murderer's admiration for Putin as 'ravings of a lunatic'

ANDERS Breivik has caused potential embarrassment for Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin by describing him as worthy of respect and one of the two men he would most like to meet.

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