International development

International development

How an agency went from rags to riches

AT FIRST glance, it appears the classic case of the family silver being sold off too cheaply. Four years ago, part of the government organisation that funds development in the Third World was sold off to its employees for the modest sum of £373,000.

Tycoon will give away £50million to fight poverty

ONE of the country's most successful businessmen yesterday reinforced Scotland's reputation for philanthropy by establishing a charitable trust to fight poverty in the developing world and help vulnerable young people at home.

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IMF warns of global slowdown as ECB ups cash injection

THE International Monetary Fund says that global economic growth is likely to be dampened by the turbulence which has swept world markets.

SCDI grants for 'trade missions'

SCOTTISH businesses will be eligible for travel grants of up to £750 to take part in a new programme of trade missions to some of the world's fastest growing economies this winter.

SNP renews £9m aid vow

THE new Scottish government is considering expanding its international-aid programme to help more struggling nations.

Thousands to join in call for global justice at mini-festival

THOUSANDS of people are set to take part in a two-week "justice festival" to celebrate the second anniversary of the Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh.

How World Bank failed the third world

THE China Daily recently ran a front-page story recounting how Paul Wolfowitz used threats and vulgarities to pressure senior World Bank staff.

Bush appoints Zoellick as World Bank boss

THE US president, George Bush, has chosen Robert Zoellick, a former US trade representative and State Department deputy chief, to lead the World Bank, it was reported last night.

Wolfowitz's career hangs by a thread

PAUL Wolfowitz, the president of the World Bank, was facing dismissal last night after a scathing report accused him of breaking ethics rules when he arranged an improper pay rise for his girlfriend, Shaha Riza.

European Parliament calls for Wolfowitz resignation

THE European Parliament on Wednesday called for the resignation of World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, adding to the pressure on the head of the poverty-fighting institution to step down.

Bank on Cairn

The World Bank is paying £10 million for a stake in Cairn India, Cairn Energy's majority-owned Indian offshoot.

World Bank chief fills girlfriend's account

ON A recent visit to a Turkish mosque, Paul Wolfowitz, the president of the World Bank removed his shoes, as is the custom, revealing holes in both his socks. His girlfriend, to whom he had given a sizeable pay rise, could afford to buy him a new pair, but her controversial promotion could yet cost the president his job.

Charity's international development call

OXFAM has called on all parties to commit Scotland to more international development.

'Good enough' is sometimes as good as it gets

ONE of the most pervasive and apparently self-evident assumptions of development economics is that sustainable investment and growth require the rule of law. Without impersonal, general norms and their enforcement by independent judicial authorities, according to this view, little development, if any, is possible, because the risks facing both labour and capital - including corruption, arbitrariness and rigid traditions - will be too high. But is this conventional wisdom always right?

Aid from rich countries falls

OFFICIAL development aid supplied by the world's wealthiest donor countries slid 5.1 per cent last year from a record in 2005, the peak year for write-offs of debt owed by Iraq and Nigeria, the OECD has said.

Coup for Gleneagles as Annan flies in

KOFI Annan, the former secretary-general of the United Nations, is heading to Scotland to give his first speech since leaving the post, it was revealed yesterday.

Geldof challenges G8 nations to stick to promises on Africa

LIVE Aid campaigner Bob Geldof yesterday issued an impassioned appeal to the world's wealthiest nations to honour their commitments to the poor of Africa.

UK releases £50m for World Bank

THE UK has agreed to hand over £50 million to the World Bank which it froze in a row over conditions attached to aid for developing nations.

Bono urges Japan to aid Africa

ROCK star and anti-poverty activist Bono, who is currently on tour in Japan, today urged the country's prime minister, Shinzo Abe, to keep his pledge to boost aid to Africa and the developing world.

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