Inflation rise gives Bank rates dilemma

INFLATION figures for April are expected to add to the conundrum facing the Bank of England as it struggles to balance rising prices and lacklustre economic growth.

Inflation unexpectedly drops to 4%

INFLATION has unexpectedly dropped, official figures showed today, weakening the prospect of an imminent interest rate hike by policymakers at the Bank of England.

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Inflation fuels calls for rates rise

The Bank of England is under renewed pressure to raise interest rates after latest figures showed inflation has risen to 4 per cent, double the government's target.

Inflation reaches two-year high of 4 per cent

THERE was renewed pressure on the Bank of England to raise interest rates today as inflation increased to its highest level in more than two years in January.

Inflation to come in above 3%, with fresh spike predicted

INFLATION is set to remain stubbornly high in fresh figures to be published this week, giving no relief to beleaguered interest rate-setters at the Bank of England.

Twenty gilt-edged ways to beat inflation

The cost of living continues to rise, but there are many ways you can fight back, writes Teresa Hunter

Inflation sticks at 3.1% with households paying the price

THE cost of living is continuing to rise well above target, as new figures yesterday revealed how consumers are being hit by the "stealthy enemy" of inflation.

Leader: Inflation figure masks worrying changes

Inflation may have marked time last month at 3.1 per cent, suggesting some stabilisation in a key economic measure. But little comfort can be taken. It represents yet another month when the Consumer Prices Index has run well above the Bank of England's 2 per cent target - one now effectively in abeyance.

Pressure on Mervyn King over high inflation

BANK of England governor Mervyn King will this week write a fresh letter to Chancellor George Osborne explaining why inflation is so far above target.

Inflation may force interest rate rise to 8%

Interest rates could rise to 8 per cent by 2012 if inflation gets out of control, a think tank warned yesterday.

Bank losing credibility on inflation

IN A week when Mervyn King had to write yet another letter to the Chancellor explaining why inflation is above the official target, it is understandable that questions are being asked.

Inflation set to stay high for most of 2011, says Mervyn King

BANK of England governor Mervyn King warned yesterday that inflation would remain high throughout most of 2011, indicating he is more concerned about the strength of the recovery than spiralling prices.

Clem Chambers: Inflated opinion of deflation

APPARENTLY we are not going to get inflation – deflation is the real threat.

Good news for coalition as inflation figures fall sharply

THE coalition government received its first good news on the economy yesterday when it emerged that inflation fell significantly in May.

Inflation at highest level for 17 months

INFLATION has risen to its highest level in 17 months, putting increasing pressure on families' budgets.

Inflation reaches 17-month high

RISING food prices and Budget duty increases saw inflation by a 17-month high for the month of April.

Inflation increases again

BANK of England Governor Mervyn King will have to explain himself to the new Chancellor today as rising petrol costs push up the cost of living.

MPC expected to hold interest rates despite worries over inflation

BANK of England rate-setters are expected to maintain their "wait and see" stance tomorrow despite growing fears of a spike in inflation.

Middle-aged hit by higher inflation rate

PEOPLE aged between 50 and 64 continue to face an inflation rate 50 per cent higher than the official level of 3 per cent, new figures show.

The Budget: Inflation fall provides lift

CHANCELLOR Alistair Darling gained a pre-Budget boost yesterday after a sharper-than-expected fall in inflation in February.

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