Indian Ocean earthquake

Indian Ocean earthquake

Indonesia to set up tsunami warning

INDONESIA will deploy a new tsunami detection buoy off the western shore of Java this week as part of efforts to revive the country's early warning system, hit by technical problems.

Triple joy for man who lost three girls in tsunami

AN INDONESIAN woman whose husband lost his three daughters in the 2004 tsunami has given birth to three healthy baby girls, hospital staff said yesterday.

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Provost off on tsunami visit

LORD Provost Lesley Hinds is set to fly out to Banda Aceh in Indonesia tomorrow.

Tsunami sirens sound as relatives remember

WARNING sirens sent thousands of people fleeing from the coast in Indonesia's largest-ever tsunami drill yesterday, while others prayed at mass graves, chimed temple bells and lit candles two years after devastating waves claimed 230,000 lives across Asia.

Tsunami relief does city proud

THE memories of the tsunami still have the power to send chills through everyone. We can all remember the horror with which we watched the terrible images and heard the stories of incredible survival and unimaginable tragedy.

Church volunteer who stole tsunami £31,000 is jailed for 13 months

A CHURCH volunteer who stole £31,000 of parish funds destined for tsunami victims and Peruvian orphans was jailed for 13 months yesterday.

Rebuilding a society lost in the flood

A WOMAN in traditional white Muslim dress kneels silently outside a mosque to be publicly flogged in front of a crowd of hundreds.

Half of tsunami cash still not spent

HALF of the billions pledged to help the victims of the Asian tsunami has still not been spent, it was claimed last night, even though two-thirds of those left homeless by the disaster are still without a house.

Death sentence for men who robbed woman trying to flee tsunami

AS DINETI Deshika struggled against the torrent during the 2004 tsunami that brought death and destruction to Sri Lanka, two men grabbed her.

£250m in tsunami aid

MORE than £250 million has been spent on the Asian tsunami relief efforts by the UK's Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) in the two years since disaster struck.

Earthquake team's 'harrowing experience' identifying victims

THE team of Lothian and Borders officers mobilised to deal with the terrible aftermath of the Asian tsunami will also be honoured.

Tsunami's death toll rises to 668

THE death toll from the Indonesian tsunami rose to 668 yesterday as reports of fatalities came in from remote villages along Java's battered southern coast. Another 287 people are missing and 74,100 have been displaced.

Indonesia's government loses favour because disasters are 'spirit warning'

THE stream of disasters to hit Indonesia since 2004 is hurting the president's popularity, with many seeing the calamities as a sign mystical powers are angry with him, according to an opinion poll released Thursday.

Panicking residents flee as tsunami rumours spread

MORE than a thousand panicked residents today fled a resort area hard hit by the Indonesian tsunami amid rumours that another killer wave was about to hit,

340 dead ... so why were two tsunami alerts ignored

INDONESIA received alerts from two regional agencies that Monday's undersea earthquake could trigger a tsunami, but officials made no attempt to alert threatened communities, a government minister admitted yesterday.

Search for missing goes on as tsunami death toll tops 300

THE death toll in tsunami-hit Indonesia had reached 306 this morning and was expected to continue to rise.

Tsunami kills 105 on Java

A TSUNAMI triggered by an earthquake off the Indonesian island of Java yesterday killed more than 100 people, swept away buildings and damaged hundreds of fishing boats.

What price a life? Call for fairer disaster-relief funding as aid inequalities revealed

NEARLY £4,000 was raised for every person affected by the Asian tsunami compared with just £1.63 for each of those caught in the 2004 Bangladesh floods, a report revealed yesterday.

£9500 raised to help build schools in Asian tsunami zone

A LOTHIANS town has handed £9500 to an Asian tsunami appeal fund.

£9000 boosts tsunami fund

A LOTHIANS town is set to hand more than £9000 to an Asian tsunami appeal fund.

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