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Mumbai attacks: Troops launch final assault on terrorists

INDIAN troops were clearing the last terrorists from buildings across Mumbai today.

Terror attacks in Mumbai: Extremists 'copied al Qaida blueprint'

TERRORISTS behind co-ordinated attacks on a series of high-profile targets in India followed a "blueprint" created by al Qaida, one terrorism expert said today.

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Terror attacks in Mumbai: UK politician fled as gunman sprayed bullets round hotel lobby

A CONSERVATIVE MEP last night told of his terror as he was caught up in the attack on the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai.

Terror attacks in Mumbai: England cricket matches cancelled

THE England cricket team postponed its final one-day matches against India amid fears for players' safety in the ongoing terror crisis, bosses said today.

Terror attacks in Mumbai: 'Gunmen shot man standing next to me'

A BRITISH witness to the terrorist attack in Mumbai today described how he "frantically" tried to escape gunmen after they stormed his hotel.

Terror attacks in Mumbai: Briton among massacre victims as death toll rises to 101

AT LEAST one Briton was among more than 100 people killed in a series of terrorist attacks in India, an official said today.

Mumbai massacre as terrorists strike

A SERIES of co-ordinated terror attacks – seemingly targeting Britons and Americans – left at least 78 people dead and more than 200 injured in the Indian city of Mumbai last night.

Kashmir turnout high amid tension

TURNOUT was high for yesterday's second round of voting in Indian Kashmir despite clashes in towns where people favour independence from India.

Fighting forces 20,000 to flee

FIGHTING between Pakistani troops and militants in a tribal region has forced some 20,000 Pakistanis to seek refuge across the border in Afghanistan, the UN has revealed.

Two dead after bomb blast rips through Delhi market

AN EXPLOSION ripped through a crowded market in India's capital, New Delhi, yesterday, killing two and wounding 15 others, police said.

33 killed in militant stronghold

PAKISTANI security forces killed 30 militants loyal to al-Qaeda and the Taliban in a strategically important tribal region on the Afghan border, officials said yesterday.

Plea for help on Indian floods

AUTHORITIES struggling to provide aid after floods in eastern India said yesterday they need more boats and rescuers to help hundreds of thousands of people still marooned in remote villages.

Fighting kills 40 militants

PAKISTANI forces pounded militant positions in the Swat valley in the northwest today and a military spokesman said nearly 40 insurgents had been killed in the past 24 hours.

Zardari urged to quit presidential race over mental health claims

THE widower of assassinated former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto should withdraw as a candidate for president because of questions about his mental health, a rival claims.

Blasts add to problems for Pakistan's coalition

SUICIDE blasts added pressure on Pakistan's government to tackle the nation's mounting problems yesterday after president Pervez Musharraf resigned.

Rat may be on menu in Indian canteens

ONE of India's poorest states is considering adding rat meat to the menus of government-run canteens, to provide cheap protein amid rising food prices.

Kashmir protest passes peacefully

THOUSANDS of Muslims marched peacefully past the United Nations office in Indian Kashmir yesterday, calling on the international body to intervene over the disputed Himalayan region.

Pressure mounts on Musharraf

PRESIDENT Pervez Musharraf should quit within two days or prepare to be impeached, a top ruling party member said yesterday as officials mulled over a draft of charges against the Pakistani leader.

Pakistanis in bid to restore judges

THOUSANDS of Pakistani activists and lawyers gathered in major cities yesterday to start a series of protests aimed at pressing the new government to restore judges sacked by the president, Pervez Musharraf.

Deadly blasts leave carnage in ancient Indian city

AT LEAST 30 people were killed and 100 injured after a series of bombs exploded tonight in the historic Indian tourist city of Jaipur.

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