Immigration and refugees

Immigration and refugees

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‘We will never know if terrorists entered UK’ says Theresa May

IT WILL never be known how many illegal immigrants or terrorists entered the UK following the unauthorised decision by senior officials at the UK Border Force to relax checks at the country’s ports,the Home Secretary Theresa May has admitted.

Australian court blocks PM's deportation drive

Australia's highest court has extended an injunction stopping the deportation of asylum seekers to Malaysia, leaving Prime Minister Julia Gillard's border security policy in limbo until late August or September when a final ruling is expected.

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Mobile fingerprint test for immigrants

THE Dutch government plans to equip 125 police officers with mobile devices that can scan detainees' fingerprints to check whether they are illegal immigrants.

Making it home: how one couple found happiness against all odds

What's it like to be forced to leave everything you know and make a new life in a foreign land? During Refugee Week, our reporter meets one remarkable couple

Theresa May backs UN Refugee Convention

Home Secretary Theresa May said the UN Refugee Convention is as important today as it was when it was signed 60 years ago.

Italy top in EU for illegal immigrants

Italy passed Greece as the main point of entry into the European Union for illegal immigrants in the first quarter of the year, EU border agency Frontex said yesterday, as unrest across North Africa prompted people to flee.

Joint action to block migrants

Home Secretary Theresa May claimed "practical co-operation" rather than "burden-sharing" with officials in France is the way to stop tens of thousands of migrants fleeing the turmoil in North Africa from flooding Britain.

Australia's refugee swap condemned by human rights official

AUSTRALIA and Malaysia's agreement to swap asylum seekers for refugees jeopardised asylum seekers' rights and was part of a racist and inhumane Australian policy, a United Nations human rights official has said.

Migrants forced down wages under Labour, admits Miliband

ED Miliband yesterday said his party was "too relaxed" in government about the impact of cheap migrant labour pushing down wages in the economy.

Home Office to challenge Gamu ruling

A decision to let former X Factor hopeful Gamu Nhengu and her family remain in the UK is to be challenged by the Home Office.

Home Office to challenge decision to let Gamu and family remain in Britain

A DECISION to let former X Factor hopeful Gamu Nhengu and her family remain in the UK is to be challenged by the Home Office.

Asylum seekers to be transferred to south-east Asia

A BOATLOAD of 32 asylum seekers found in Australian waters will be the first to be transferred to other south-east Asian countries, including Malaysia and Papua New Guinea, in a controversial bid to deter future refugees.

Plans to rebuild fences upset neighbours

Divisions among European Union nations on how to deal with illegal immigrants and crime deepened yesterday, with some members deriding plans by others to reinstate internal border controls.

Danes get tough on border checks

Denmark has joined an increasing number of European countries seeking tighter border controls, saying it will install permanent stations along its frontiers to curb crime and illegal immigration.

1,000 migrants get all-clear for work

More than 1,000 migrants from outside the EU were granted permission to work in the UK in the first month of the government's immigration cap, figures show.

Silvio Berlusconi and Nicolas Sarkozy back border rule change

ITALY and France cast aside a bitter disagreement over immigration yesterday, agreeing to seek a revision of the Schengen border treaty that permits passport-free travel through Europe.

Analysis: European fears unfounded

WHILE the number of refugees arriving from North Africa to Europe is clearly a problem for EU members such as Italy, France and even Germany - the greatest numbers of such people are actually to be found in the countries neighbouring the most troubled states.

Glasgow Caledonian University has foreign student licence suspended

A SCOTTISH university has been suspended from sponsoring foreign students after concerns were raised that the student visa system was being abused.

Cameron risks playing into hands of far-right extremists, warns Cable

THE Prime Minister's rhetoric on cutting immigration risks "inflaming" extremism, Vince Cable said yesterday, as tensions surfaced over the government's plans to reduce the numbers of migrants coming to the UK.

French opt to send back Tunisian migrants

AN INTERNATIONAL dispute over a surge of Tunisian immigrants has escalated after the French foreign minister told Italy to send the migrants home instead of allowing them to travel to neighbouring nations.

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