IFA of the Year 2010

IFA of the Year 2010

Strong second half turns 2010 into a winner, says Tony McPhee

MANY PEOPLE were surprised that 2010 turned out so well, with the FTSE producing a positive return of 9 per cent.

David Thomson says facing challenges calls for flexibility

IN THE prevailing volatile market conditions, it pays to be nimble and flexible. While all the competitors have made good returns, they have all had to contend with a Greek crisis and an Irish crisis, plus other factors such as a change of government in the UK.

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IFA of the Year: Paul Lothian says a crystal ball has no place in an IFA's tool chest

NO matter how well informed, no-one can predict the future. Despite this undeniable truth, the public are encouraged to believe that stockbrokers and portfolio managers will be able to consistently beat the market by making tactical plays on stock, sector and asset class choice.

IFA of the Year: Gerald Callander finds value, not volatility, in Latin America

CHRIS and Fiona's speculative approach to risk allowed for considerable freedom in portfolio construction. However, it should not be forgotten that the mandate was to achieve capital growth over the next five to ten years. The agreement of a speculative approach should not be taken as a licence to take "short-term bets".

IFA of the Year: Raymond Ellis: Forging ahead on tricky terrain

As the year end nears, our IFAs will be hoping to maintain their above-average returns and cross the finishing line in first place, says Raymond Ellis

Scott Mackintosh : Short-term is risky, but strategy has worked

GIVEN Chris and Fiona's speculative attitude to investment risk, you would typically expect them to be invested mostly in equities with a bias towards overseas.

IFA of the Year: David Gow - Be active but keep an eye on costs as well as profits

BENJAMIN Franklin once said that the only thing more expensive than education is ignorance: it is absolutely crucial to any investment strategy that you are educated about all costs involved.

IFA of the Year: Choosing the right move

Strategic bond funds are popular but you must know what you're trying to achieve, writes David Leduc

Bill Jamieson: The rewards of IFA patience

What a testing period this has been for IFA portfolio builders. It has been a year when all asset classes seemed out of sorts – yet performed much better than the commentary that surrounded them.

Robert Bell: Global investment diversification is key to success

Seven months have passed since Chris and Fiona invested £300,000 within a speculative growth approach investment.

Alistair Brown: Help is at hand in negotiating the IHT minefield

Despite concerns about a double-dip recession and continuing uncertainty, corporate earnings remain healthy and equities remain our favoured asset class relative to government and/or corporate bonds or cash.

Raymond Ellis: Reaping autumn harvest is no walk in the park

There has been some serious tactical portfolio re-positioning going on during the last six weeks, presumably in preparation for another bout of extreme volatility and the much heralded "double-dip" – but is this the right thing to do?

IFA of the year 2010: Steady pace suits a long-haul race

In the midst of the investment marathon, switching strategy in pursuit of a quick buck usually backfires, writes Raymond Ellis

IFA of the year 2010: Competition heats up at midpoint

Case Study: Chris and Fiona Anderson

Barry O'neill: The right kind of risk helps bond fund double its money

Doubling the size of your fund in the space of a year must be some sort of indication that the managers are doing a good job.

Prepare to take on the world in the quest to beat inflation

EVERY investor at some point faces the age-old question of where they should invest for income. Looking back,over the post-war period an allocation to cash has served well. Since mid-1948, UK base rates have averaged 7 per cent, comfortably beating the average in retail prices index (RPI) over that period of 5.7 per cent.

Gareth Howlett: Blame game can be too easy, but there are certainly questions need answering

I LIKE the investment competitions you see in the papers now and then.

Raymond Ellis: Stability at its absolute best

The main purpose of an absolute return fund in any investment portfolio is to protect the client's capital, beat the current return from cash (which is somewhat modest at the moment) and provide an actively-managed upside potential. It all sounds fairly straightforward but, as our competitors are finding out, it can be difficult to consistently produce the required results.

Andrew Milligan: Confusion cooks up a storm

We ARE more than half way through the year, yet the entrants to the Scotsman IFA of the Year competition face some unenviable choices.

IFA of the Year 2010: Why high-yield bonds are a good call

FOR investors, the high-yield bond sector has been one of the success stories of the past year and the outlook remains attractive. While direct investment in this market is best left to the professionals, some funds managed by experienced specialists have been delivering investors an income yield in excess of 10 per cent.

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