Identity cards

Identity cards

ID card plan to fold within 100 days

THE £5 billion national identity card scheme will be scrapped within 100 days, the coalition government has announced.

Now foreign footballers must carry ID cards

FOREIGN footballers will have to carry an identity card in future to prove who they are.

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ID card plan 'needs 28m people to sign up to cover costs'

A TOTAL of 28 million people – more than half the adult population of the UK – would need to sign up for an ID card in order to cover the costs of the scheme, it was revealed yesterday.

Minister unveils 'no-brainer' ID card

THE decision to introduce ID cards is a "no-brainer", Home Secretary Alan Johnson said yesterday as he unveiled the card's design.

Passport cost for average British family soars 'to pay for ID cards'

HOLIDAYMAKERS face inflation-busting increases in passport fees, it has been announced.

Johnson ditched ID cards without telling Brown

GORDON Brown's main rival for the Labour leadership tore up the government's key ID card policy without informing the Prime Minister, it was reported last night.

Gerald Warner: ID card debacle reveals power-hungry nature of our politicians

The real purpose of ID cards was to make us pawns of government

Labour in retreat as ID card plan is axed

THE government was accused of being "in chaos" last night after it all but abandoned its flagship identity card scheme.

Identity cards branded an 'unacceptable threat to privacy'

THE Scottish Government has stepped up calls for the UK identity card scheme to be scrapped.

Conservatives promise to scrap identity card contracts

SHADOW home secretary Chris Grayling yesterday wrote to the companies contracted to produce identity cards to warn them the scheme would be cancelled if the Tories won power.

ID card scheme rises by £160m

THE cost of the controversial ID card scheme has gone up by £160 million to about £5 billion.

Pilots fight ID cards with legal means

AIRLINE pilots will resist the ID card scheme "with all legal means possible", their union Balpa said yesterday. The plan is to be trialled at Manchester and London City airports, but Balpa said its members were overwhelmingly against it.

Blunkett hints at end to £5bn identity card plan

FORMER home secretary David Blunkett has admitted the government should scrap ID cards and instead force people to hold biometric passports.

Warning to Tories that abolishing ID cards will cost £40m

SCRAPPING plans for a national identity card scheme would cost £40 million, Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, said yesterday.

MSP to speak at anti-ID card event

THE convener of the Scottish Parliament's justice committee will speak at an anti-ID card meeting on Tuesday.

Identity cards 'dangerous'

IDENTITY cards are "expensive, intrusive and pointless" and should be scrapped, the Conservatives demanded yesterday.

Identity of controversial card is unveiled

THE new identity card was unveiled yesterday by Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary.

Nine held in ID card demo

NINE protesters were arrested in Edinburgh yesterday following a demonstration at government plans to introduce ID cards.

Q&A: Keith Vaz

The chairman of the House of Commons home affairs committee discusses the body's warning that national identity cards could be used to mount surveillance operations on members of the public.

MPs warn ID cards could be used to spy on the public

THE UK government's controversial national identity card scheme could be used to mount surveillance operations on members of the public, a powerful committee of MPs has warned.

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