Ibrox disaster

Ibrox disaster

Ibrox disaster: 'A date that will be forever etched in Rangers' soul'

THOUSANDS of people gathered yesterday at the home of Rangers FC to remember the darkest chapter in Scottish footballing history.

Ibrox disaster: 'It is so important that no-one ever forgets the dead'

IN A sporting arena where passion usually takes the form of the crowd's roar, it was a moment incomparable for its emotional power. Ibrox, the home of Rangers FC, fell silent yesterday to commemorate those supporters lost in Scottish football's most sombre hour.

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Thousands mark anniversary of Ibrox disaster

Thousands gathered at Ibrox stadium today to mark the 40th anniversary of the disaster which killed 66 people.

Leader: Changes for the good, but Ibrox pain remains

Forty years on, and the pain for the relatives of the 66 Ibrox Disaster victims is as fresh as it was in 1971. Then, as now, Glasgow laid aside the most poisonous of football rivalries to bring comfort to the grieving families. Both before Sunday's Old Firm match and at yesterday's memorial service, the commemoration of that dreadful day was moving, appropriate and as well- observed as could have been expected.

Dignity prevails as Old Firm pay homage to disaster victims

Even amid the sound and the fury some silence was allowed its place. A silent minute lasting 82 seconds to be precise, disturbed only by a few coughs and the whirr of the rotor blades of a passing helicopter, as the 66 men, boys and one woman who lost their lives at Ibrox 40 years ago were honoured.

Ibrox disaster archive: Town hit hard by schoolboy deaths

The following is an extract from The Scotsman of Monday 4 January, 1971, reporting the tragic impact the disaster had on the small Fife town of Markinch.

Blue and green united in silent tribute 40 years on

RANGERS and Celtic fans put their bitter rivalry to one side yesterday as they remembered the victims of one of Scottish football's darkest days.

Lifting the Ibrox disaster veil

FEW recent national disasters are etched deeper in the Scottish psyche than the tragedy at Ibrox, in January 1971, when Rangers and Celtic played their traditional New Year fixture.

Ibrox families consider legal action

FAMILIES of the victims of the Ibrox disaster are considering legal action against the Scottish Secretary after secret documents revealed the government had ruled out stadium improvements six months before the accident killed 66 fans.

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