Ian Swanson

Ian Swanson

Ian Swanson: Photo finish as two-horse race hits the home straight

It's too close to call as high-profile Labour and SNP candidates battle in the east. Ian Swanson reports

Ian Swanson: It's a showdown for votes in tense new Western seat

A normally safe seat has become a hard-fought election battleground, says Ian Swanson

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Ian Swanson: Honest Toun voters crucial in deciding Midlothian seat

Boundary changes add interest to a constituency with a falling majority, says Ian Swanson

Ian Swanson: Fate of constituency rests in hands of disillusioned voters

It should be a safe seat, but Lib Dem unease means Southern discomfort, says Ian Swanson

Ian Swanson: What are Labour's chances?

As the parties square up for the election, Ian Swanson takes a look at the state of the Labour Party and its chances at the May 5 poll

Ian Swanson: Tories facing up to another tough time at election

Fourteen years on from being wiped out north of the Border, Political Editor Ian Swanson examines the chances of a Conservative revival

Have Lib Dems become too hard to swallow?

Whether or not the polls can be believed, Ian Swanson says the Liberal Democrats are facing a difficult election in Scotland

Ian Swanson: Lothian marginals to decide their fate

The battle to be First Minister is getting personal, but Ian Swanson says it is voters in a few local seats who hold the key

Ian Swanson: Who'll be counting the cost of Swinney's cuts?

Ahead of the Scottish Government budget announcement, Ian Swanson looks at where the axe is likely to fall

Ian Swanson: The border at the margins?

As the SNP starts its annual conference, Political Editor Ian Swanson asks if independence is still the party's top priority

Ian Swanson: Tories have still Scot plenty to ponder

The party conference may not have gone entirely to plan for David Cameron, but his woes are nothing compared to Annabel Goldie's, says Political Editor Ian Swanson

Ian Swanson: Days of Dave

As David Cameron marks 100 days in power, Political Editor Ian Swanson looks at his record so far

Ian Swanson: Get tough' call over £43m unpaid child maintenance

CAMPAIGNERS today called for tougher action against absent parents who fail to pay child maintenance after figures revealed arrears totalling around £43 million in the Lothians.

Scotland braced for the spectre of budget cuts

Government moves to reduce the UK deficit will not spare those north of the Border, finds Ian Swanson

Is Italian crucifix ruling Scotland's cross to bear?

Are religious rights of expression in Scotland under threat from the European courts? Ian Swanson considers a ruling on the display of religious icons in the classroom

Ian Swanson: Will Tory deal spell meltdown for Lib Dems?

It has been described in some quarters as a "deal with the devil". Political Editor Ian Swanson assesses the impact that the Liberal Democrats' pact with the Conservatives at Westminster might have on next year's Scottish Parliament elections

Ian Swanson: Fight for power is all over - barr the talking

A FEW months ago, the Tories were going to win the election with a comfortable majority. A few weeks ago, the Lib Dems were set to secure a massive swing in their favour.

Election 2010: Lib Dems look to cash in as big spenders

LEITH has had a Labour MP since the end of the Second World War – but the Liberal Democrats are doing everything they can to change that on 6 May.

Election 2010: Parties gear up for fight to the finish

IT'S one of Scotland's most marginal seats and almost anything could happen. Labour has held Edinburgh South for the past 23 years, but at the last general election the party's majority was just 405 over the Liberal Democrats, who already hold the equivalent seat in the Scottish Parliament.

Ian Swanson: Labouring to a recovery?

WHEN Gordon Brown takes the stage to address Labour's Scottish conference in Glasgow tomorrow he will be just ten days away from the expected announcement of the general election.

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