Ian Metcalfe

Ian Metcalfe

Murder of innocence

As he lay crying in his cot 11-week-old Kyle Metcalfe’s limited sight would not have enabled him to focus on his father standing above him tightly clenching the pillow that would drain his last breath away. As one policeman poignantly put it last night: "Kyle was one of life’s true innocents. He just never stood a chance."

Council ‘failed to save baby’

A LOCAL authority criticised for its failure to prevent the killing of a baby at the hands of his abusive father admitted last night that there had been "unacceptable delays in taking action" to protect the child.

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Call for change to social work precedures

IN THE wake of the Ian Metcalfe verdict, the focus of the case swiftly moved to Dumfries and Galloway social work department and, specifically, how it had allowed the second death to occur.

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