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Behind the trademark style

CHARLES Rennie Mackintosh is a classic example of what happens when an artist's apparent popularity obscures his genuine achievement. Working principally in Glasgow at the turn of the 20th century, he created buildings, furniture and jewellery which synthesised high Victorian style with the Arts and Crafts of William Morris, Whistlerian Aestheticism and trends in European art, including Art Nouveau.

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A whole lot of nothing

WHITE paintings, a video of a glass of water and art which is no more than a thought. Welcome to this year's Edinburgh art festival: a field-day for the cynic and the bravest attempt yet to put the capital firmly on the international art world map. Three of this year's most successful and engaging exhibitions demand our attention by virtue of no more than their sense of nothingness.

Under the influence

Dada's Boys

Do you wanna piece of me?

BEFORE we go any further, let's get this straight. This is not an exhibition of self-portraits. True, it is devoted to works in which the artists present their own images. But they have nothing at all to do with portraiture - the investigation of the individual psyche through the direct portrayal of a human being.

You've been framed

BP Portrait Award 2005

Redrawing the map of modern art

Louise Hopkins: Freedom of Information

Magic feather in our cap

George Wyllie

A visionary master stroke

Gauguin's Vision of the Sermon

Futures prize is past it

Beck's Futures 2005

Is this the death of 'Scottish' art?

THE excitement is building.

Revolution in their heads

Country Grammar, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

Gallery walk

Sir Joseph Noel Paton

Going Dutch


Gallery walk

Samuel J Peploe

Wright show, wrong place


Gallery walk


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