Hutton inquiry

Hutton inquiry

Secret notes on Dr Kelly's death back suicide ruling

Secret medical documents support the official conclusion that weapons inspector Dr David Kelly killed himself.

New calls for Kelly inquest

NEW calls have been made for a formal inquest to be held into the death of government scientist David Kelly, left.

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Iraqi assassins killed weapons scientist Kelly, Lib Dem author claims

WEAPONS scientist Dr David Kelly was assassinated to stop him making further comments about Saddam's nuclear arsenal, according to new claims.

Weapons expert David Kelly 'was assassinated' claims MP

WEAPONS expert Dr David Kelly, who exposed the government's "sexed up" dossier justifying the invasion of Iraq, was assassinated, an MP claimed today.

Blair was hell-bent on destroying the BBC, claims Simpson

JOHN Simpson has launched a ferocious attack on Tony Blair, claiming that the former Prime Minister was determined to undermine, bully and destroy the BBC.

WMD expert quit Iraq search over 'flawed methods' of the CIA

AN expert who took part in the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq said today that he quit because he felt the programme was being used to justifying the United States' decision to go to war.

MP casts doubt on suicide of weapons expert Kelly

A SENIOR MP has challenged an official inquiry's finding that government weapons inspector David Kelly committed suicide.

MP says files into Kelly death have been wiped

AN MP conducting an investigation into the death of Dr David Kelly last night claimed his computer files have been wiped.

Kelly murder claim 'ludicrous'

A PROBE by Lib Dem MP Norman Baker into the death of Dr David Kelly, has been dismissed as "a complete waste of time" by a friend of the late Government scientist.

Labour MPs apologise for auction of Hutton Report

TWO Labour MPs who organised the event where a copy of the Hutton Report into the suicide of government scientist David Kelly was auctioned last night apologised.

Tainted facts of sexed-up TV docu-drama

DR DAVID Kelly, dressed in a perfectly pressed suit, neat white Panama hat on his head, is meeting a potentially helpful member of the Iraqi Special Security Organisation on a weapons inspection in Saddam’s Baghdad. "I suppose I should be used to being lied to by now but I’m not," he froths. "I will return to this Godforsaken country and if necessary tear down the Special Security Organisation, brick by brick!"

Marsh keeps living for Today

HERE was the witness Lord Hutton did not call.

Lord Butler says weapons evidence 'very thin'

INTELLIGENCE indicating Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons was "very thin," the author of a critical report on the government’s case for war in Iraq said yesterday.

Dyke and Gilligan say report backs Kelly's claim

GREG Dyke and Andrew Gilligan, who were both castigated in the aftermath of the Dr David Kelly affair, said they felt the Butler Report vindicated the government scientist’s claim the government had "sexed up" its dossier on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

BBC to step up training in wake of Kelly

• Following the scandal surrounding the death of government weapons scientist Dr David Kelly, the BBC is to establish a journalism training college

BBC clears senior editors on Iraq dossier story

THE BBC’s internal investigation into its reporting on Iraq, which was condemned as "flawed" by Lord Hutton, has cleared senior editors, instead heaping blame on to the reporter Andrew Gilligan.

Coroner decides Kelly inquest will not be reconvened

A CORONER yesterday ruled that the inquest into the death of government weapons expert Dr David Kelly is not to be reconvened.

Date set for Kelly hearing

A HEARING to decide whether to reconvene the inquest into the death of government scientist Dr David Kelly will take place on March 16.

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