Hurricane Wilma

Hurricane Wilma

Hurricanes blow £127m hole in insurer's profits

BRIT Insurance said its bill from catastrophes last year, including the US hurricane season, was £244 million - knocking profits by around £127m.

Catlin expects storms damage costs of £177m

INSURER Catlin said this year's three major US hurricanes - Katrina, Rita and Wilma - would cost it about £177 million but it still expected to make a profit in 2005.

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Wilma death toll rises to 27

FLORIDA's death toll from Hurricane Wilma had risen from five to 10, US authorities said last night, adding to the 17 killed in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Florida starts clean-up in wake of Wilma

A MAMMOTH clean-up operation was starting in Florida today as residents began to come to grips with the huge devastation caused by Hurricane Wilma.

Destructive power of Hurricane Wilma hits land

RELIEF services fanned out across Florida last night after Hurricane Wilma cut a devastating swathe through the state, with the worst-affected area recording its biggest storm in half a century.

Wilma's devastating winds hit Florida coast

HURRICANE Wilma's strongest winds began hitting Florida today at the start of a potentially devastating strike.

Wilma's eye hits Florida coast

THE eye of Hurricane Wilma has made landfall in Florida with winds up to 125 miles an hour, making it the eighth hurricane this season to hit the state.

Florida on high alert as Wilma picks up speed

THOUSANDS of Florida residents were ordered to evacuate yesterday, and businesses and emergency officials prepared rescue and relief plans as forecasters predicted that Hurricane Wilma would pick up speed "like a rocket" on a course towards Florida.

Mexico feels ferocious force of Wilma

THOUSANDS of families fled their homes in Cuba and Florida last night as surging storms from Hurricane Wilma battered Mexico's tourist resorts.

Florida residents flee as Wilma heads for land

RESIDENTS began fleeing the Florida Keys and parts of the United States mainland today as Hurricane Wilma headed towards Florida.

Wilma hits Mexican island

THE fearsome core of Hurricane Wilma slammed into the island of Cozumel yesterday, starting a long march across Mexico's resort-studded coastline.

Hurricane Wilma hits Mexico

THE outer eye wall of Hurricane Wilma has made landfall in Mexico near the popular diving resort of Cozumel, with winds up to 145mph.

Wilma heads for Florida

THOUSANDS of people have begun evacuating potential danger areas in Florida as Hurricane Wilma becomes the latest unwelcome visitor to batter the storm-weary state.

Tourists flee Hurricane Wilma

HURRICANE Wilma closed in on Mexico's Caribbean beach resorts yesterday, forcing tourists to flee their hotels and take shelter from the powerful winds and rain that have already killed ten people in Haiti.

Wilma blows away records for hurricanes

HURRICANE Wilma became the fiercest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded as it churned toward western Cuba and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and threatened densely populated Florida.

Red alert as Wilma threatens her worst

BRITISH tourists in Florida could face evacuation this weekend after Hurricane Wilma swelled into a dangerous Category 5 storm and became the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Gulf of Mexico.

'Extremely dangerous' hurricane closes in on Cuba

HURRICANE Wilma has strengthened to an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm as it approaches western Cuba and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

Hurricane Wilma ties storm record to worst year since 1851

THE 12th hurricane of the season was declared in the Caribbean yesterday - making this year only the second to experience a dozen such storms since records began in 1851.

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