Hurricane Stan

Hurricane Stan

The disaster zone the world forgot

MY trip to Central and South America, partly for pleasure and partly for freelance work, was never meant to involve shovelling vast quantities of mud. In the weeks prior to departing Holyrood magazine, I had been gloating to colleagues and friends that the next nine months would be spent lounging in hammocks on white sand beaches and sipping cocktails while they shivered in the grip of a Scottish winter.

1,400 die in village engulfed by giant mudslide

UP TO 1,400 people have died in the wake of Hurricane Stan after a massive mudslide triggered by torrential rain buried a village in Guatemala.

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1,400 dead in Guatemala mudslide

MORE than 1,400 people were buried alive in a Guatemalan village in a mudslide triggered by torrential rains from Hurricane Stan, it emerged yesterday.

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