Wildlife crime: Grouse shooting season put in the shade by illegal poisoning

The Glorious Twelfth and the start of the red grouse shooting season is drawing closer, but, finds Nick Drainey, there is something else exercising the minds of many in the Scottish countryside - the illegal poisoning of birds of prey

Alexander Bennett: Deer culling protects local ecology

Mar Lodge Estate, at 29,380 hectares, is the largest property of its kind owned by a charitable trust in Britain and is one of the most important nature conservation areas in the UK.

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Illegal venison trade exposed

IRISH venison is being smuggled into Scotland and sold as home-produced meat throughout the UK and Europe.

Snaring given new guidelines to ensure 'professional' use

NEW guidelines on the use of snares have been published in a bid to ensure a more "professional approach" to the practice.

Two men charged after Moy Estate bird carcase find

TWO men have been reported to the procurator fiscal after the discovery of poisoned birds of prey on a Highland sporting estate.

Fishing & Shooting: Badminton Horse Trials

You will have noticed that this column is called shooting and fishing, with no mention of hunting. This is because hunting opportunities hereabouts are sparse unless the foot hounds are on the loose, which is not really the same as a full blooded gallop o'er hill and dale. And I really don't like horses.

Queen star May launches bid to stop return of hunting

QUEEN star Brian May has launched an effort to stop the return of hunting by financing his own poster campaign.

Hare coursing: Gone in 40 seconds but wildlife police fight back

AN EASTER crackdown has been launched on the illegal bloodsport of hare coursing.

Minister rules out total ban on use of snares

THE practice of snaring animals will not be banned, environment minister Roseanna Cunningham said yesterday.

Thousands cheer Boxing Day hunts

THOUSANDS braved sub-zero temperatures to support Boxing Day hunts yesterday as campaigners called for a vote to scrap the Hunting Act.

Anti-hunt lobby invited to show their support for current ban

ENVIRONMENT Secretary Hilary Benn will underline the government's opposition to hunting when he launches a campaign today aimed at supporting the current ban.

Two Fat Ladies TV chef pleads guilty to illegal hare coursing

TV chef Clarissa Dickson Wright yesterday pleaded guilty to hunting offences along with a leading racehorse trainer.

Debate and controversy dogs interpretation of hunting laws

THE first area of the United Kingdom to outlaw hare coursing was Scotland. The Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act, passed by the Scottish Parliament in February 2002, banned traditional foxhunting, fox baiting and hare coursing.

TV chef Dickson-Wright admits attending illegal hunt

TELEVISION presenter Clarissa Dickson-Wright and a leading race horse trainer today pleaded guilty to hunting offences.

Partridge take a shot at flying school

We had an airborne exercise the other day; teaching red-legged partridge to fly. We weren't in the flat lands of Buchan to shoot large numbers, but to give the birds some practice for when the paying guns come.

Celebrity chef faces hare-coursing charges

CELEBRITY chef Clarissa Dickson Wright and racehorse trainer Sir Mark Prescott are facing charges relating to alleged hare coursing.

Illegal hare coursing on the rise

POLICE are receiving at least ten reports of hare coursing every month, despite the "barbaric" blood sport being outlawed in Scotland five years ago.

Two fined over banned hunting

TWO men were found guilty yesterday of illegally hunting deer with hounds.

Silence of the doves as hundreds shot on way back to Europe

EXHAUSTED and starving turtledoves returning from Africa to nest in Europe were greeted in Cyprus yesterday by shotgun-wielding hunters delighted at a rare opportunity to blast them out of the sky.

Court frees hunt accused

ANDREW Barron, the first person to be convicted of hunting deer under new laws, was admonished when a sheriff said the offence by the 18-year-old from Hawick, whose dog did not actually catch a deer, was at the lower end of the scale.

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