Hugh Dallas in his own words

Hugh Dallas in his own words

Dallas: Penalty abuse did not make me quit

SCOTLAND’S top referee Hugh Dallas today denied that his decision to retire was influenced by the increased media pressure surrounding his late penalty award to Rangers in the controversial game against Hearts.

In the public eye full time, so let whistlers make living from game

WHEN English referee Paul Durkin took time out during France 98 to warn me my life was about to change I don’t think that I totally believed him.

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From Motherwell bridgeworks to a world cup final

KENNY Clark’s face was a picture. Having reached the age of 45, I was having to retire from the FIFA list, and I was refereeing my final match on international soil, a Champions League match between Inter Milan and Bayer Leverkusen. As the fourth official he’d just asked me how long I wanted added on at the end of the match and, jokingly, I held up both hands and suggested 10, not because there was a lot of injuries or time-wasting but because I really didn’t want it all to end.

Sinking feeling hit home after TV angle revealed diving ploy

IT MAY be a fact that is too often overlooked by our critics, but referees should never fall into the same trap. Even if others forget it, we should always remember that we are only human.

A good view of technology

REFEREES will always be under pressure and we all accept that is part and parcel of the job, but people have to remember we are fallible and that we don’t have eyes in the back of our head.

A firm grip on the two tribes

I WAS in the back of the net with a swarm of players, trying to dig out the troublemakers and calm things down, while trying to remember their numbers and who was doing what to whom, so that I could deal with them afterwards.

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