Hudson air crash

Hudson air crash

Audio: The moment pilot told controllers he was landing in the Hudson

Air traffic controllers at two airports and the center handling US Airways Flight 1549 after takeoff struggled furiously to get the crippled plane back to the ground, according to audio recordings released on Thursday.

Ice thwarts efforts to salvage crash jet

INVESTIGATORS encountered treacherous conditions yesterday as they embarked on the delicate task of trying to hoist the crashed US Airways jet from the Hudson River without damaging it.

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The world needed a hero. The pilot of the Hudson River air crash answered the call

ON the day itself, Americans had been assailed by headlines that told of economic meltdown and war in the Middle East.

Miracle on the Hudson as 155 survive plane crash

WITH some passengers standing on the wings and others being plucked to safety from icy waters, all 155 people on board a plane that crashed into a river in New York survived in what was described today as "the miracle on the Hudson".

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