HRT pills may double risk of blood clot, but patches deemed 'safe'

WOMEN taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in pill form may more than double their risk of suffering a potentially fatal blood clot, researchers revealed yesterday.

Women on HRT 'are 20% more likely to get cancer'

WOMEN who take hormone replacement therapy are at substantially increased risk of dying of ovarian cancer, according to a shocking new report.

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Warning over HRT alternative treatments

CLAIMS made for many alternative treatments to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are not based on sound scientific research, according to a new study.

Oestrogen HRT cancer link

LONG-term oestrogen-only hormone replacement therapy for women who have had their wombs removed can increase the risk of breast cancer, according to a 26-year study of 29,000 women in the United States.

Women turn away from HRT

WOMEN are increasingly turning to alternative remedies to deal with menopausal symptoms amid repeated health scares involving hormone replacement therapy, a survey has found.

Cancer danger from HRT 'lower than thought'

A WOMAN'S risk of developing breast cancer while using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may be lower than previously thought, researchers said yesterday.

Fears for millions as UN says HRT causes cancer

HORMONE replacement therapy used by millions of women around the world causes cancer, according to the UN's cancer agency.

HRT 'increases stroke risk by 29%'

HORMONE replacement therapy increases the risk of stroke by almost a third, according to newly published research.

Taking HRT is all about balancing risk

THE debate over the value of hormone replacement therapy has raged for the last 30 years. In the early 1990s several studies were published that suggested that HRT had a protective benefit in preventing bone loss that could lead to osteoporosis. In the mid-1990s there were studies suggesting a protective benefit for coronary heart disease.

Risks 'outweigh benefits' for many HRT patients

HORMONE replacement therapy, which has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and strokes, should be used only in the short term to relieve menopausal symptoms, doctors warned yesterday.

HRT 'is in clear' over cancer risk

WOMEN taking hormone replacement therapy do not increase their risk of breast cancer, a study will claim this week.

Stroke risk halts HRT study

ANOTHER major study of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been halted after results showed an increased risk of a stroke.

HRT study halted over 'unacceptable' cancer risk

DOCTORS have halted another major HRT study after early findings showed that women were being made to face an "unacceptably high risk" of breast cancer.

Fighting grey diseases means we must work with drug firms

A COUPLE of years ago, I went home to Ayrshire to give the Memorial Lecture on Sir Alexander Fleming - the boy from the Irvine valley who had gone barefoot to school and was to save the lives of millions through his discovery of penicillin.

HRT's and minds

MAY Aveson had already suffered four fractures to her spine and wrists before she was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 1989.

Experts' fury at move to cut HRT treatment

WOMEN’S health will be put at risk by a decision to stop prescribing hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as a first-choice of treatment for preventing osteoporosis, an expert claimed yesterday.

City expert quits in row over HRT

A LEADING city bone disease expert has resigned from a Government committee which advised that doctors should stop using hormone replacement therapy to treat osteoporosis.

HRT: Why women deserve the truth

Some years ago in the Edinburgh of the south, if Athens may be so styled, the philosopher Socrates was on trial for his life on charges, among others, of questioning the power of the gods. "But I," said the great man, as reported by his pupil Plato, "am the Oistros [gadfly in Greek]. My purpose is to engage our citizens, to irritate them, like the gadfly, to force them to re-examine their notions of divine authority - and everything else. The unexamined life is death."

HRT is a medicine, not a 'lifestyle choice'

HORMONE replacement therapy should not be regarded as a "lifestyle choice" but as a medical treatment, one of the world’s leading experts on the menopause said yesterday.

Experts in talks over HRT safety

MEDICAL experts were meeting in the Capital today to reach agreement about the use and safety of hormone replacement therapy.

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