House of Commons security

House of Commons security

Commons crackdown to force security badges on ministers

CABINET members including Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, may be forced to wear security badges inside the House of Commons under new security rules.

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Who goes where to protect our VIPs?

A MAN dressed as a comic book superhero scales the walls of Buckingham Palace and stays there for five hours.

Blunkett earmarks Metro Police chief for Parliament security

DAVID Blunkett is lining up Britain’s top policeman to take control of protecting Parliament against terrorist attack, after a series of embarrassing lapses plunged the authorities into a security crisis.

House invasion was so 'simple'

THE leader of Wednesday’s House of Commons invasion today said pulling off the stunt was "frighteningly simple".

Blunkett joins call for Westminster to face up to threats

A ROW between the government and the parliamentary authorities intensified yesterday after David Blunkett backed calls for a new post of director of security for the Palace of Westminster.

Security in both of our parliaments is suddenly top priority

IF YOU do not have a pass, it is easier to get into the Palace of Westminster than the new Scottish Parliament. Or, rather, it used to be easier. This week’s events will almost certainly alter the arrangements that have been in place for years.

BBC refused to act after protester tipped off reporter

THE BBC was facing a fresh stand-off with the government yesterday after admitting it had been told about the planned protest in the Commons but refused to act.

Westminster protests to be banned after fox hunt clashes

PUBLIC protests outside the Westminster parliament will be banned by security chiefs determined to avoid a repeat of Wednesday’s bloody clashes between police and pro-hunting protesters.

Speaker to be stripped of his security role

MICHAEL Martin, the Speaker of the House of Commons, is to lose control of Westminster security after ministers and police chiefs blamed his insistence on arcane parliamentary rules for the invasion of the chamber by protesters.

Blood on streets as hunt protesters invade Commons

PROTESTERS against a ban on fox hunting south of the Border triggered a crisis in Westminster security yesterday, after five of them evaded every precaution and made it to the floor of the House of Commons as MPs debated the new law.

Security systems stuck in a timewarp

AMERICAN tourists visiting great British public buildings all tend to do the same things. They marvel at the ancient architecture, buy dozens of postcards - then wonder why it’s easier to get into the citadels of the British establishment than it is to enter their offices back home.

Commons guests kept behind security screen

THE guests of MPs and peers are to be denied special access to the House of Commons public galleries in the wake of the flour-bomb attack on Tony Blair.

Security review will open Commons' doors to PM's armed guard

THE House of Commons authorities last night pledged to investigate The Scotsman’s revelations that MPs have regularly ordered police controlling the entrance to the Palace of Westminster not to search their guests.

Commons has hard lessons to learn - Hain

SECURITY chiefs from MI5 were drafted in yesterday to convince MPs to ditch the "old fashioned culture" at the House of Commons blamed for a major security lapse.

MI5 to step up Westminster security

THE Government has called in MI5 to help tighten security at Westminster as the two flour bomb plotters described how they breached security at the Houses of Parliament.

Two charged for flour attack on Prime Minister

TWO men were charged by police yesterday, after condoms full of purple flour were thrown at Tony Blair in the House of Commons.

Pressure group turns violent after stunts fail

ONLY three months ago, insiders at Fathers 4 Justice told The Scotsman that physical attacks on politicians and the judiciary would be the next stage of their campaign.

World apart from US system

"IF THIS had been the US president addressing Congress, the protesters would have been shot dead and the president would have been out of the building and in a secret location in minutes." That was the verdict of one MP who is a frequent visitor to Washington.

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