Hong Kong

Hong Kong

British architect wins right to design Hong Kong's £1.7bn cultural hub

Acclaimed British architect Norman Foster has won the right to design Hong Kong's new $2.8 billion (£1.7bn) West Kowloon cultural hub.

Thousands of protesters call for democracy in Hong Kong

THOUSANDS marched through Hong Kong yesterday to demand the right to elect the territory's leader and its whole legislature.

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Democracy 'is no closer' after decade

"IN THE past ten years, we have come no closer to democracy... in fact, full democracy seems even more remote than it did ten years ago."

In the teeth of the Dragon

CHINESE leader Hu Jintao inspected troops in Hong Kong yesterday as a weekend of celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of the handover from British colonial rule got underway.

China hammers home patriotism in Hong Kong

DRESSED in an olive green uniform, Chinese leader Hu Jintao inspected a long row of troops gripping rifles in Hong Kong yesterday as the former British colony prepared to mark the 10th anniversary of its return to China.

Ten years on, Hong Kong is still capitalist heaven

AS HONG Kong marks the tenth anniversary of its handover to Chinese rule on a rain-swept night in 1997, many agree the city's new masters have largely kept their word - and the status quo.

Beijing pushes Her Majesty off the colonial pier

QUEEN'S Pier is a simple building, a few short columns and a low roof next to Hong Kong's harbour, designed and built after the Second World War for official events such as the arrival of colonial governors.

Hong Kong's leader re-elected

HONG Kong's leader, Donald Tsang, who has promised a timetable for full democracy, won a second term yesterday, defeating opponent Alan Leong by 649 votes to 123 in the election committee.

Democracy struggles back

DEMOCRACY supporters in Hong Kong said yesterday they had won enough seats on a government committee to put a candidate on Hong Kong's leadership election for the first time since the British colony returned to Chinese rule.

UK 'Spider-Man' jailed for protest

A BRITISH man was sentenced to 21 days in jail on Wednesday for dressing up as Spider-Man and scaling a giant TV screen in Hong Kong to protest Beijing's bloody 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters.

Hong Kong reforms facing veto

THE Hong Kong government today offered concessions on its unpopular election reform package ahead of a crucial vote in the legislature, but pro-democracy legislators denounced the changes as insufficient.

Protesters call for democracy

PRESSURE is mounting on Hong Kong and Beijing leaders for full democracy in the Chinese territory after tens of thousands joined a mass protest.

Thousands on the march for democracy in Hong Kong

TENS of thousands of people marched through the streets of Hong Kong yesterday to protest against the slow pace of democratic reforms, intensifying pressure on the government to move towards full democracy.

Hong Kong in democracy talks

HONG KONG'S pro-democracy lawmakers today accepted an invitation by Beijing to attend a meeting with senior Chinese officials ahead of a major democracy protest.

Briton found guilty over Hong Kong horse demo

A BRITON has been convicted of disorderly conduct and causing a public nuisance for running on to a Hong Kong race track dressed as a horse, to urge full democracy in the Chinese territory.

Pro-democracy MPs' visit to China hints at change

HONG Kong's pro-democracy MPs crossed the border into mainland China yesterday for an unprecedented visit that may signal a new strategy by Beijing that could see it stop snubbing politicians once branded traitors to the motherland.

Just one little problem remains as Hong Kong Disneyland opens

IN A surreal marriage of East and West, Mickey and Minnie Mouse will today dance on stage alongside Asian pop stars and the normally stern-faced Chinese vice-president, Zeng Qinghong, as Disney cuts the ribbon on its first theme park in China.

Chinese slated over Hong Kong

CHEN Shui-bian, Taiwan's president, lashed out at Hong Kong yesterday on the eve of the former British colony's celebration of its return to Chinese rule eight years ago.

Tsang wins Hong Kong leadership race

DONALD Tsang, a veteran civil servant, effectively won Hong Kong's leadership race yesterday, filing papers that showed he had the solid backing of the election committee which picks the Chinese territory's leaders.

Veteran civil servant wins race to rule in Hong Kong

DONALD TSANG has effectively won the race to lead Hong Kong.

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