'It is good learning about your history, your family'

WHILE Sir Malcolm MacGregor is eager to attract a younger demographic, some teenage Scots have laid bare their sense of disconnection.

Clans chief laments Scots youths' lack of interest in their heritage

IT IS a club whose international membership takes pride in keeping alive traditions and customs dating back centuries.

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University puts Homecoming archives on display

The official archives of Homecoming Scotland 2009 are now on display at an exhibition in the National Archives of Scotland.

Rift at the top of Edinburgh City Council is exposed over The Gathering

A RIFT a the top of Edinburgh City Council over the trail of debts left in the wake of The Gathering during the Year of Homecoming has emerged after the deputy leader revealed that he had supported a controversial rescue deal which later collapsed.

War of words rumbles on as Gathering rights sold for £6k

THE rights to The Gathering which were once valued at £100,000 have been sold off for just £6000 – to Stirling.

Salmond's reputation 'on the line' over Gathering

ALEX Salmond has been forced to defend his role in controversial attempts to rescue The Gathering.

Gathering storm sparks war of words between leaders

PARTY leaders at the City Chambers were today locked in a bitter war of words as The Gathering storm deepened.

Small firms gather to make plea for £100,000 payout

A DOZEN small businesses still owed money following the troubled Gathering event have joined forces to threaten legal action against the council.

Event director admits it is hard to find other work

THE man behind the Gathering event told The Scotsman that he still wants to work in tourism.

Taxpayer could be sued over Gathering fiasco

THE SNP Government and Edinburgh Council have been threatened with court action by creditors owed tens of thousands of pounds for helping to stage a troubled Highland clans event, The Scotsman can reveal.

Alex Salmond: More people should have been told of Gathering loan

The First Minister and his former culture secretary have conceded that a loan given to bail out a troubled tourism venture should have been publicised more widely.

Alex Salmond and Mike Russell deny secrecy over Gathering loan

THE First Minister and his former culture secretary have conceded that a loan given to bail out a troubled tourism venture should have been publicised more widely.

City leaders 'didn't approve' Gathering rescue statement

The storm over The Gathering has taken another twist after deputy council leader Steve Cardownie told MSPs he had not approved a press release announcing that the city would take over the troubled event, despite being quoted in it.

'Cock-up or cover up' claim on Gathering news release

COUNCIL leaders have been accused of a "cock-up or cover up" after telling MSPs that a misleading statement claiming a tourism body would cover the debts of a troubled Highland clans event was sent out without their approval.

Alex Salmond summoned to answer questions over Gathering cash

THE First Minister has been summoned to a Holyrood committee to face questions about his role in delivering a rescue package for The Gathering during Scotland's 2009 Year of Homecoming.

Hotel tycoon 'happy' to give evidence on Gathering event

A LEADING Scottish businessman who quit a top tourism body after a row about a rescue package for the loss-making Gathering event has said he is "happy" to give evidence to a Holyrood committee inquiry.

£180k loan to Gathering not unusual, says top mandarin

THE mandarin in charge of the Scottish civil service when the Scottish Government authorised the controversial £180,000 loan to The Gathering said he did not see anything wrong with bailing out the showpiece event.

Probe to call former head of tourism body

A LEADING Scottish businessman who quit a top tourism body in protest at the handling of a controversial rescue package for the flagship event of the Homecoming celebrations is to be called to give evidence at a Holyrood probe.

Alex Salmond backs down over Gathering storm

ALEX Salmond is to face a grilling by a Holyrood committee over why public money was used to "bail out" the showpiece clan gathering event during Scotland's Year of Homecoming.

Alex Salmond will face MSPs' questions on Homecoming Gathering

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond will appear before MSPs investigating the way public money was spent on a showpiece Highland gathering, he told MSPs today.

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