Home alone children

Home alone children

Brown warns of 'erosion of childhood'

THE 24-hour, multi-media culture, spewing out violent, sexual and sensationalised images and information, is piling pressure on children, Gordon Brown warned yesterday.

'Big Brother' keys keep eye on tenants at risk

A "BIG Brother" monitoring system has been installed in Edinburgh high rise flats to protect vulnerable residents.

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New life for home-alone boy

HOME-ALONE toddler Michael McGarrity is looking forward to a new life with his grandmother after she was awarded custody of the youngster.

Father fined for leaving children home alone

A FATHER who locked his two young children in their Edinburgh house for more than two hours while he went to work has been fined £300.

Dad fined over 'Home Alone' kids

A father locked his two young children in their Edinburgh house alone while he went to work during the Christmas holiday.

Public 'will learn truth of McGarrity case'

HEALTH chiefs today insisted that a full account of what happened to home-alone toddler Michael McGarrity would be made public after disciplinary proceedings against two NHS staff had concluded.

Home-alone boy: now GP accused of missing signs

HEALTH chiefs are investigating whether home-alone toddler Michael McGarrity would have been found sooner had the family GP reported that his drug-addict mother had failed to collect a methadone prescription.

Blame game in row over tragic boy

A FURIOUS row has erupted over a leaked report which fails to clearly disclose why nursery staff were not told about the family drug history of a home-alone toddler.

McGarrity mum's drug past hidden from school

COUNCIL staff did not tell nursery workers the mother of home-alone toddler Michael McGarrity was a recovering drug addict because she asked them not to, it emerged today.

Secret concern for 4000 Lothian children

HEALTH workers have failed to report concerns about the welfare of 4000 children in the Lothians.

Body-tragedy boy leaves Sick Kids to stay with foster family

HOME-ALONE toddler Michael McGarrity has been placed into the home of a foster carer specially trained to help him cope with his traumatic ordeal.

Boy, 11, is abandoned at airport

POLICE and social services inquiries were underway last night after it emerged a mother had abandoned her 11-year-old son at an airport as she flew out for a Christmas holiday in the Canary Islands.

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