Holyrood Elections

Holyrood Elections

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Tributes paid as former MP and MSP Donald Gorrie dies

TRIBUTES have been paid to one of Edinburgh’s longest-serving politicians who died at the weekend.

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Tributes paid as former MP and MSP Donald Gorrie dies

TRIBUTES have been paid to one of Edinburgh’s longest-serving politicians who died at the weekend.


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Allan Massie: Forget rebranding, Scots Tories need hard work

It HAS been a strange few weeks for the Scottish Tories. They have been attracting an unaccustomed lot of attention. In contrast, Scottish Labour’s leadership contest, admittedly scarcely under way yet, has been more or less ignored.


David Maddox: In battle for referendum hearts and minds, it's the SNP that can afford heavy artillery

ONE of the untold consequences of the historic SNP Holyrood election victory is that it has created an army of state-funded activists to prepare the way for the independence referendum.

Analysis: The road to recovery is going to be a tough one

After the perfect storm, the damage assessment is the easy part. The challenges for Labour's review lie in the clean-up and future prevention.

Labour critics are warned over kneejerk reactions

FORMER Scottish secretary Jim Murphy has appealed for unity within Labour ranks as the party attempts to rebuild in the aftermath of its election rout at the hands of the SNP.

Grahame Smith: Partnership with civic Scotland must continue

What is the Scottish Trade Union Congress looking for from the new SNP government?

MPs 'shouldn't get vote on new leader'

Scottish Labour MPs should consider not voting in the forthcoming Holyrood party leadership contest, a newly elected MSP has said.

Independence lite is right, insists Alex Salmond

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond has launched a thinly-veiled attack on members of his own party who have criticised the SNP's "independence lite" strategy.

Letter: This is not what diehard Nationalists want

Your report (14 May) that the SNP is preparing to settle for what is to be known as "independence-lite" comes as no surprise. In fact, it was only two weeks ago that I wrote in these columns, and was widely harangued for doing so, that they would do exactly that.

Pat Kane: Optimist puts the case for Scotland

Sillars is wrong to champion 'independence-lite'. The bold visions generations of Nationalists have set out must not be diluted

SNP facing backlash on 'indy lite'

THE backlash against the SNP's plans for a watered-down form of Scottish independence has begun, with activists criticising Alex Salmond's party for failing to fight for a complete break from the rest of the UK.

Eddie Barnes: What the new from of independence is all about

With a referendum hill to climb, some SNP members are talking about a new sort of independence, but what does that really mean?

Michael Portillo: I admire Alex Salmond for what he's achieved

When Michael Portillo set out to follow Alex Salmond's election campaign for a BBC documentary, he had no idea the SNP leader was on the brink of a historic rout. Here he shares his thoughts on Scotland's First Minister

Lesley Riddoch: Salmond's all-or-something dilemma

Does the SNP stick to total independence, or has Jim Sillars opened the door to a fudge?

Brian Monteith: Time for our bungling unionists to sober up

Labour and Conservative leaders at Holyrood have for years been behaving like drunks in a brewery

Lib Dem leadership candidate Willie Rennie vows to stand up to SNP

WILLIE Rennie, who was elected to the Scottish Parliament for the first time last week, has confirmed his bid to become leader of the Liberal Democrats at Holyrood.

Andrew Whitaker: Picking a new cabinet line-up offers Alex Salmond the chance to experiment if he wishes

ONE of First Minister Alex Salmond's pressing tasks in the weeks ahead is that of picking his cabinet team and deciding who will fill portfolios such as finance, health, justice and education.

SNP have friends in the south

Scottish independence has greater support in England and Wales than it does north of the Border, according to a new poll.

Jackie Baillie may stand for Labour leader

Labour health spokeswoman Jackie Baillie has indicated that she could be ready to stand for the party leadership later this year.

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