Queen's father 'aided Jew's escape'

The father of the queen of Sweden helped at least one Jew escape Hitler's Germany, according to a report commissioned by Queen Silvia in response to allegations about his Nazi past.

Jewish maestro breaks Wagner taboo

AN ISRAELI orchestra played its way into history by performing a piece by Richard Wagner - Adolf Hitler's favourite composer - at the Bayreuth Festival yesterday.

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Rudolf Hess reburied 24 years on

THE body of Hitler's former deputy, Rudolf Hess, has been secretly disinterred in Germany, with his remains cremated and scattered at sea, after his grave site became a place of pilgrimage for neo-Nazis.

97-year-old man cleared of war crime charge from 1942

A 97-year-old man has been cleared of war crimes stemming from a raid by Hungarian forces that killed 35 people in Serbia during World War II, shocking those who considered the case "one of the last major trials" of alleged Holocaust-era war criminal suspects.

German court fines Holocaust denier

Ultra-traditionalist bishop Richard Williamson was fined €6,500 yesterday by a German court for publicly denying the Holocaust in 2009.

Dutch feud over Anne Frank's 'tree of hope'

FROM the window in the attic of her family's hiding place in Amsterdam, Anne Frank could see the crown of an old chestnut tree growing in a neighbour's garden. For two years, it was her only contact with nature.

UK gives £2.1m to preserve Auschwitz

BRITAIN is to give £2.1 million towards the preservation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in Poland - the largest site of the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis.

Doctor hunts Third Reich's monsters down to last Nazi

AS THE world's only full-time Nazi hunter, Efraim Zuroff has a unique job - and it's far from over following the trial that ended with death camp guard John Demjanjuk's conviction in a Munich court a fortnight ago.

John Demjanjuk background: He lived a lie, but now must face up to the awful truth

IVAN Mykolaiovych Demjanjuk shuffled forward with his wife Wira who clutched their daughter Lydia tightly in her arms.They had just been disgorged from the ship USS General WG Haan. The date: 9 February, 1952. The place: Ellis Island, New York.

Five years for death camp guard who killed 28,000

A 91-YEAR-OLD man has been sentenced to five years in jail for his part in the murders of 28,060 Jews in a Nazi death camp in the Second World War.

The man who broke into Auschwitz tells how he bore witness to horror

IT TOOK him more than 60 years to break his silence, but in a new book 92-year-old Denis Avey tells the story of how he broke into Auschwitz concentration camp twice to witness for himself the horrors of the Holocaust.

The German village where Adolf Hitler is still the Fuehrer

JAMEL is a village taken over by neo-Nazis. Wooden signposts by the main road point to Vienna, Paris, and Braunau am Inn - the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. A far-right leader runs his demolition company from home, its logo featuring a man smashing a Star of David with a sledgehammer.

Poland: Internet name plea to ex-death camps

Poland's culture minister has appealed to museums at former Nazi German death camps in the country to drop the .pl suffixes in their internet addresses.

No more autographs by Hitler's last bodyguard

More than 65 years after the Second World War, Adolf Hitler's last surviving bodyguard has said that he can no longer respond to the continuous deluge of fan mail he receives from around the world, because of his advanced age.

'Holocaust hero was just my dad'

IN Judy Russell's young eyes her dad was simply that - her dad, the man who raised and loved her, the head of the family whom she adored and respected in return.

Auschwitz survivor, 86, meets PM in Downing Street

David Cameron met an Auschwitz concentration camp survivor yesterday ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day on Thursday.

Hitler photographs sell for £30,000

A COLLECTION of previously unseen pictures of Adolf Hitler sold at auction for £30,000.

Campaign targets 'disgusting and defamatory' book

The publishers of a book that claims Poles dug up the remains of Holocaust victims in search of gold teeth and jewels said an "organised" campaign is trying to stop them releasing it.

Germany: Hitler museum show extended

Germany's first post-war exhibition devoted to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler has been extended by three weeks due to popular demand.

Scandal-hit Swedish royals rocked by Queen's Nazi links

SWEDEN'S royal family - recovering from revelations of the secret affair the king enjoyed with a pop singer - has been thrown into fresh turmoil over the Nazi past of the queen's father.

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