Conrad Black, the robber baron, sentenced to 6½ years for his role in £29m fraud

CONRAD BLACK, the disgraced media mogul, was yesterday sentenced to six-and-a-half years in jail by a judge in the United States for his role in a £3 million fraud.

From lord to lag in four easy steps

IF ANY image of Conrad Black is to outlive his new infamy it surely will be the one of him taken as he arrived at a fancy-dress party dressed as Cardinal Richelieu. His glamorous wife, Barbara Amiel, on his arm as Marie Antoinette, nothing captured the newspaper mogul's keen sense of his own importance better than this 2000 snap of Black decked out in the red robes of France's 17th-century L'Eminence Rouge.

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'Had I known of the wealth he purloined, I might not have kept my expenses down'

EVEN if the US jury had taken 12 minutes to reach its verdict instead of the 12 days it actually did, I would expect the Conrad Black I worked for to lodge an immediate and fiery appeal.

Press baron, bon viveur, peer - and criminal

AS A man fascinated with the rise and fall of great historical figures, the irony is poignant. Conrad Black, who turned a £234 investment in two weekly papers into what, at one point, was the world's third biggest media empire, is today facing the prospect of jail.

Jury is out in trial of former media baron Conrad Black

FORMER media baron Conrad Black's fate is in the hands of a Chicago jury after nearly 15 weeks of testimony during which Black and three co-defendants were depicted alternately as corporate thieves and victims of over-zealous government prosecutors.

Black's lawyer calls for mistrial over 'class prejudice'

A LAWYER for the media mogul Conrad Black moved for a mistrial at court in Chicago yesterday, saying the prosecutors at his racketeering and fraud trial were prejudicing the jury with documents mentioning his chef and chauffeur.

Black firm siphoned off cash from sale of papers, says ex-aide

THE man who was Conrad Black's trusted top associate for 30 years testified at the former media baron's fraud trial yesterday how millions of dollars prosecutors claim were stolen began flowing to a Canadian company controlled by Black.

Black spent £3m a year using jet for private trips

FORMER media baron Conrad Black's use of the Hollinger newspaper empire's corporate jet - including a trip to the remote Pacific island of Bora Bora - cost £3.5 million a year, a witness testified.

Lawyer 'made honest mistake'

A LAWYER accused of helping Lord Conrad Black skim millions of pounds from one of the world's largest media companies made honest mistakes, but is not guilty of fraud, a jury was told yesterday.

Opening salvoes in trial of 'robber baron' Telegraph's former owner ran corporate kleptocracy, jury told

LORD Conrad Black and his former associates were greedy thieves who stole millions from investors, a court heard yesterday.

Black faces fight to avoid 101 years' jail

AS LORD Black of Crossharbour, he travelled the world in a private jet, flaunting his wealth and status as the multi-millionaire head of a global media empire and a peer of the British realm.

Ex-news tycoon insists he is innocent

FORMER newspaper tycoon Lord Conrad Black has insisted that he will be "vindicated" in his fraud trial.

Why it's looking black for Conrad


Assets frozen

Media tycoon Lord Conrad Black has had his personal assets frozen worldwide by a Canadian court.

Black pleads not guilty to £47m fraud

LORD Black, the former owner of the Daily Telegraph, has appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to fraud charges in connection with the alleged looting of more than £47 million from the newspaper empire he once controlled.

Black claims fraud charges are 'a smear job'

FALLEN newspaper magnate Conrad Black has derided US fraud charges against him as a "massive smear job" and vowed to be vindicated of accusations he looted millions of dollars from Hollinger International.

Conrad Black court hearing delayed

The arraignment of former Telegraph owner Conrad Black on fraud charges has been delayed until next week.

Tycoon Black denies US fraud

MEDIA tycoon Conrad Black has denied charges of 11 counts of fraud in the US, linked to a £1.2 billion sale of of Canadian newspapers.

Former chiefs of Black empire are charged with £17m fraud

A FORMER president and a lawyer with media mogul Conrad Black's tarnished empire have been charged with fraud involving £17 million.

New blow for Lord Black

CANADA’S top securities regulator has blocked Lord Black’s bid to take holding company Hollinger Inc private, dealing the fallen press baron the latest in a series of stinging setbacks.

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