Holiday countdown

Holiday countdown

Better safe than sorry

THIS summer, security measures are tighter than ever. If you weren’t aware of it before, you won’t fail to notice the change since your last holiday - Airports are leaving nothing to chance and have banned all sharp objects from hand luggage.

Activate snooze control

The holiday begins as soon as you hear the lock click on your front door, trot down the path in your new mules and hop into the waiting car/taxi/airport bus.

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Bikini bluffing

DON’T be too influenced by trends. That crocheted white bikini looks delicious in the shop but use your brain, what’s going to happen to it when it gets wet? It’ll become transparent, naturally. And is St Andrews really ready for transparent swimwear?

Take one capsule

Holiday legend has it that the best thing to do when getting your suitcase together is to put everything you want to take in a pile, halve it, then pack what’s left. Unfortunately no-one ever tells you which half is which. It’s all very well to snap up every flashy trashy high street summer fad, but the cool vacationer wants to look less like a sun-starved Brit, more like an effortlessly elegant local.

Shorts shaken, not stirred

IT WAS supposed to be a holiday. But then, as you pass through the revolving doors of your seafront hotel, you catch a glimpse of your reflection. Despite hours spent rifling through your wardrobe in an attempt to concoct a cool summer look, you are confronted with nothing more glamorous than a garish parody of a mid-1980s Chevy Chase.

Bronzed ambition

In the same way that a decorator makes sure the walls are in perfect condition before hanging up the lining paper, once you’ve made the decision to self-tan, you’ve got to get your skin prepped.

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