Philippines warns on gecko 'cures'

THE Philippines health department has warned against using geckos to help treat Aids and asthma, saying the folkloric practice may put patients at risk.

Influential duo in HIV talks

A CITY MP and an HIV-positive priest were among those speaking out at an event designed to challenge discrimination faced by those living with AIDS.

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HIV hearing returns

THE third round of hearings into how patients were poisoned with HIV and hepatitis C will take place in Edinburgh later this month.

Lothian HIV rate revealed

YOUNG gay men remain the most likely to contract HIV, new figures have shown.

HIV support 'at risk' from council cuts

VITAL services for Scots with HIV are under threat as councils make cutbacks to save money, the outgoing head of a leading Aids charity has warned.

Lessons learned from Lothian's HIV fight to help other countries

THE pioneering work of health staff in Scotland at the outbreak of the devastating HIV virus is being recognised as part of a unique catalogue of documents of worldwide importance.

Analysis: Scotland is lucky, but ignorance and stigma remain

Perceptions of HIV and Aids have changed dramatically in the past 30 years. We first became aware of HIV as a virus in June 1981 following a cluster of unusual infections in gay men in New York and San Francisco.

The cure for Aids? Vaccine can rid body of HIV, hope scientists

SCIENTISTS have made a breakthrough in the battle against Aids after discovering a vaccine with the potential to clear the body of all traces of HIV.

Pupils team up to help Aids project

Neighbouring communities in East Lothian are set to collaborate on a project to raise AIDS awareness in Malawi.

Transplant gives patient Aids virus

Health officials in the US last night reported that a patient had been infected with the Aids virus through a kidney transplant from a live donor.

Infected blood inquiry in city

A PUBLIC inquiry into how blood transfusion patients contracted HIV and hepatitis C is to take place in Edinburgh next week.

Poll finds gap in HIV awareness

One in five adults is unaware that HIV can be passed between a man and a woman not using a condom, research suggests.

New Malawi Aids crusade for Annie Lennox

CAMPAIGNING pop star Annie Lennox is to be part of a Scottish delegation to help the poverty-stricken nation of Malawi in its struggle against HIV and Aids.

South Africa halves cost of HIV drugs

South Africa's health minister yesterday said he had cut the cost of HIV drugs by 53 per cent, enabling the government to treat twice as many patients in the next two years.

Shirley Manson backs our HIV positive kids campaign

IT WAS 25 years ago but Shirley Manson still clearly remembers the day she was told she might be infected with HIV.

Nobody needs to carry the secret burden of tragic HIV

'My mum told me that she was going to die within the next three years.

UN reveals threefold rise in HIV

A NEAR tripling of new HIV infections in eastern Europe and central Asia over the past nine years is a cause for serious concern, the United Nation's leading Aids official said yesterday.

'Waverley helped us tackle stigma of HIV'

'on his ninth birthday he invited his friends round for tea and none of them turned up. He asked me to get in the car and go and bring them round. I was nearly in tears."

HIV pill found to prevent infection

A PILL used to treat HIV sufferers can also prevent infection by the Aids virus, marking a turning point in the worldwide war against HIV and Aids.

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