Ten Scottish proverbs and sayings about money

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Picture: PA

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HERE we look at some of the words and sayings that have been passed down through generations of Scots when it comes to managing money.

A deaf man will hear the clink o’ money

A saying that emphasises the lure of money

Get what you can, and keep what you hae, that’s the way to get rich

A simple proverb on how to regulate your own personal saving and spending

Better a tocher in her than wi’ her

A tocher was a woman’s dowry and this saying suggests that it was better for a woman to have good qualities within, rather than have a lot of money and possessions.

Eaten meat is ill to pay

No one likes to pay for something that has already been consumed

Lay your wame to your winning

A warning not to consume more than you earn

It’s folly to live poor and dee rich

A proverb warning against living too frugally and dieing with a large amount of money stowed away

Moyen does muckle, but moyen does mair

Influence can do a lot, but money is even more powerful

Wealth gars wit waver

People tend to lose their common sense when money is involved

Put twa pennies in a purse and they will creep thigither

A saying indicating how money soon accumulates if you save it

He’s got his nose in a gude kail pat

Means he has got his head in a good soup pot which is said of a person who has married into wealth

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