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Salvador Dali painting to leave Glasgow on loan

It is perhaps the most famous painting in Scotland. But fans of Salvador Dali’s iconic work, Christ of St John of the Cross, are advised to make the most of it before the artwork is loaned to two museums south of the border.

Michael Wiper is the brewer behind the biscuit-flavoured beer.

Brewers take the biscuit with flavoured beer

It has a biscuit-making heritage going back more than two centuries – when William Crawford started a baking business in a small shop in Leith and it grew to become a household name throughout Britain.

Greg Wells and Daniel Sylvester are launching the new Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival this weekend.

Biscuit-flavoured pints face crunch test at new craft beer festival

It has a biscuit-making heritage going back more than two centuries - when William Crawford started a baking business in a small shop in Leith which grew to become a household name throughout Britain.

Diana Gabaldon said it was likely to make more financial sense to use the Scottish mountains for the filming. Picture: Starz

Highlands set to stand in for USA in new Outlander series

The Scottish Highlands are set to stand in for North Carolina when filming when filming of the next series of Outlander get under way later this year, its creator has revealed.

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Outlander author Diana Gabaldon has been getting the lowdown on the forthcoming Jacobites exhibition st the National Museum of Scotland.

Outlander author hopes BBC will screen the show - as long as it is not cut

It is the most lucrative television programme ever made in Scotland - yet has never appeared on the nation’s TV screens.
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The British Pipe Band Championships will take place in Paisley on Saturday. Picture: John Devlin

4,000 pipers set for Pipe Band Championships in Paisley

A Scottish town is to play host to an army of more than 4,000 of the world’s best pipers this Saturday for the British Pipe Band Championships.

The village of Anstruther in the East Neuk of Fife. A type of lobster-fishing boat called the Anstruther was popular in the Hebrides.

Place name of the week: Anstruther - Eanstair

The etymology of this Fife place-name (Ainestroder in 1178-1188) is not certain.

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Anne Lundon aig toiseachd an NC 500

Turas rathaid an NC500: Cearcall a’ Chinn a Tuath le Anne Lundon

Tha i aonranach, còmhdaichte le bòidhchead nàdair agus dìomhaireachd. Cò air a tha mi a-mach? Uill, smaoinich air cuid de na slighean rathaid as ainmeile air an t-saoghal. Costa Amalfi san Eadailt, Côte d’Azur san Fhraing, Route 66 anns na Stàitean Aonaichte – ach chan ann orrasan a tha mi a’ bruidhinn. Agus chan eil feum air itealan no air uairean a thìde a chur seachad san adhar son an t-slighe seo a dhèanamh. Tha i na suidhe air leac an dorais againn fhèin an Alba!

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The Festival Flyer crosses the Forth Bridge at North Queensferry in August 1992. Picture: Ian Rutherford/TSPL

Rail enthusiasts around the world mark #NationalTrainDay

Rail enthusiasts around the world have been marking National Train Day.

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Choinnich Theresa May ri Jean-Claude Juncker, Ceann-suidhe a Choimisein Eorpaich, agus ri oifigearan eile bhon AE o chionn ghoirid a thaobh Bhrexit agus tha a h-uile coltas ann gum bi Brexit, gu mor fo aire dhaoine san taghadh choitcheann.

An e taghadh a tha air fàire no reifreann eile air Brexit?

Coltach ri iomadh neach-bhòtaidh eile, tha mi an dùil, tha mi air fàs sgìth de thaghaidhean is roghainnean.

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Inverness Castle. Rare elements of Gaelic feature in two Inverness street names.

Place name of the week: Dunabban - Dail an Àbain

Dunabban Road and Abban Street in Inverness both contain a fascinating but rare Gaelic element.

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Oregon alainn far an deach Iain Ain ic Iain na thuathanach: tha Mount Hood ag eirigh air chul baile The Dalles air Abhainn Cholumbia.

An Siarach treun a ghabh rathad cam nan aibhnichean gu Oregon

Ann an 1991 sgrìobh Fionnlagh MacLeòid leabhar grinn Gàidhlig mu Shir Alastair MacCoinnich a lorg beul Abhainn MhicCoinnich ann an ceann an-iarthuath Chanada, far a bheil i a’ coinneachadh ris a’ Chuan Arctach – Alasdair MacChoinnich ann an Canada, foillsichte le Acair. Seo a-nis leabhar dà-chànanach a tha gu math coltach ris: Iain ’Ain ’ic Iain: From Garenin to the Oregon Country, le Maletta NicPhàil (Urras nan Geàrrannan, £9.99).

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The Northern Inuits who will play Rollo in season four of Outlander. PIC: Facebook

Meet the latest Outlander casting

There is plenty of swooning over Outlander’s leading lads and lassies.

The Castle of Mey, Caithness. Picture: PA

Place name of the week: Caithness - Gallaibh

The English form Caithness is a name of Norse origin, on record in around 1200 AD in the Orkneyinga Saga as Katanes, meaning ‘the headland of the cats’.

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V&A, Dun Deagh

Cuid de bheachdan an t-sluaigh air an taghadh ionadail ri teachd

Tha na taghaidhean ionadail gu bhith ann aig toiseach an ath-mhìos agus dh’iarr an t-Albannach air ceathrar luchd-bhòtaidh na beachdan aca a thoirt dhuinn air na taghaidhean agus air na tha cudromach dhaibh nuair a bhios iad a’ bhòtadh.

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Author David Spaven. Picture: Contributed

Scottish author wins national ‘Railway Book of the Year’ award

AUTHOR David Spaven has won a prestigious Britain-wide transport award.

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A specially-branded open top bus was unveiled today to coincide with the World Fringe Day launch.

Global festivals celebration to mark Edinburgh Fringe's 70th birthday

A global celebration of festivals is to be staged for 24 hours in the run-up to the 70th anniversary Edinburgh Fringe - in a bit to emulate the worldwide buzz generated by St Patrick’s Day and Burns Night.
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Staffin School. Picture: Contributed

Plans unveiled to repopulate Skye crofting village

A NEW affordable housing development has been announced for a remote Skye community – the first in 18 years – with an aim to repopulate Staffin village.

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Music charity founder Tommy McGrory is organising the Baker Street tribute with the Paisley 2021 bid team.

Baker Street tribute to be staged in Paisley in Gerry Rafferty's honour

It was the song that made Scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Rafferty his fortune after becoming a world-wide hit and has been played on radio more than five million times over nearly 40 years.

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Dunbar Beach,  East Lothian. Picture: Becky Duncan Photography/Contributed

John Muir Way celebrates third anniversary

THE John Muir Way officially opened its famous 134-mile coast-to-coast route three years ago.

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