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Retired Cod Wars trawler converted into Ben Nevis BnB

A retired trawler from the Cod Wars has staked a claim to having one of the most beautiful British locations on Airbnb.

Queen Elizabeth II presents new colours to Cameron Highlanders at Balmoral Castle in 1955.

Queen’s private Balmoral golf course opened to the public

The Queen’s private Balmoral golf course is being opened to the public.

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Sir Edwin Landseer's The Monarch Of The Glen. Picture: National Museum of Scotland

Paul McCartyney’s Monarch of the Glen painting could go on display alongside original masterpiece

It was a commission for Paul McCartney’s Kintyre hideaway that led to the Beatles’ most memorable album cover.

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Sgioba An Tango Mu Dheireadh Ann Am Partaig, le Iain Beggs agus Mairi Mhoireasdan air an ard-urlar agus stiuiriche Muireann Kelly agus sgriobhadair Alison Lang air an taobh dheas. Dealbhan le Eoin Carey.

Feumaidh tu barrachd air dithis mus fhaigh thu air tango a chur air dòigh

Le deich latha ri dhol ron chiad taisbeanadh aig Òran Mòr, bha mi a’ coimhead le iongnadh air Màiri Mhoireasdan agus Iain Beggs aig ruith-thairis ann an Rockvilla, togalach ùr Thèatar Nàiseanta na h-Alba.

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The people of Kilwinning turn out to welcome the Queen and Prince Philip on their tour of Scotland in 1956. Picture: TSPL

Place name of the week: Kilwinning - Cill D’Fhinnein

Kilwinning - Cill D’Fhinnein

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Picture: Contributed

The Nazi U-boat sunk by a toilet malfunction

IN APRIL 1945, with the end of the war in sight, German U-boat 1206 was navigating the depths off the Aberdeenshire coast when disaster struck.

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The funnels were repainted in 1947 yellow and black on Thursday

Restoration steams ahead for last Scottish turbine ship Queen Mary

Scotland’s last turbine ship is being restored to its 1947 heyday when up to 2,500 daytrippers crowded aboard for a trip “doon the watter” in the Clyde.
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Ben Nevis from Corpach. PIC Ian Rutherford/TSPL.

New Ben Nevis bridge to open to walkers

Thousands of walkers will enjoy better access to Ben Nevis this summer with a new footbridge now lowered into place.

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The face of the "brutally murdered" Pictish man. Picture: Dundee University

Scots experts reconstruct face of murdered Pictish man

Scottish researchers have reconstructed the face of a Pictish man who was brutally murdered 1,400 years ago.

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Resident Tom Pyemont  with a picture of Hassendean Station as it was in its heyday. Picture: TSPL

9 lost railway stations around Scotland

THEY were once filled with the chatter of rail passengers and the distinctive clanks, hisses and whistles of the steam engines they were built to welcome.

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The whisky bothy offers a vantage point over the Calbrach area on the souther edge of Moray. Picture: Handout

‘Hidden’ smuggler’s whisky bothy found on hillside

The site of a smuggler’s whisky bothy, thought to date back to the early 19th century, has been discovered on a remote hillside.

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The Monarch of the Glen painting was projected onto the  East facade of the Scottish National Gallery.

Picture: NGS

Public appeal to secure 'Monarch of the Glen' for the nation

The National Galleries of Scotland has four weeks to raise three quarters of a million pounds from the public to secure the future of one of Scotland’s most iconic paintings.

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The Golspie Inn, later known as The Sutherland Arms Hotel, was run by a Mrs Duncan at the turn of the 19th Century. PIC Golspie Heritage Society.

The 19th Century Highland inn - and the “peacekeeping” women behind the bar

With the ability to keep the peace, make a fine meal and even hand spin bed sheets, there was huge demand for women to run the booming number of inns and taverns across the Highlands during the 18th and 19th Century.

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A waterfall inside the second chamber at Smoo Cave. PIC Wikimedia/Florian Fuchs.

Secrets of Smoo Cave: from whisky to Vikings and murder

It was home to some of the earliest people of the Highlands with legend also claiming Smoo Cave as a whisky smugglers haven and a favoured killing spot of a feared 16th Century highwayman.

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John Muir: The Scot who fathered America’s national parks

John Muir helped federalise America’s national parks on a camping trip with President Roosevelt and yet he was relatively unknown in his native Scotland until the 1970’s.

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Aberdeenshire school pupils could soon be studying Doric as part of the curriculum. Picture (posed by models): John Devlin

Aberdeenshire councillors consider Doric plan for schools

Pupils at Aberdeenshire schools could soon be studying Doric as part of the curriculum.

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Madame Doubtfire outside her shop in 1973. Picture: Jane Glover

How Mrs Doubtfire was based on a Stockbridge shopkeeper

GROWING up in the 1990s, I was well acquainted with the Hollywood box office hit about a cross-dressing, half-Scottish nanny played by the sorely-missed Robin Williams.

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The site of the illicit whisky bothy, thought to date back to the early 19th century, which has been found in the Cabrach area of Moray.. Picture: Dr Kieran German/The BIG Partnership/PA Wire

Site of illegal whisky bothy found on Scottish hillside

The site of an illicit smuggler’s whisky bothy, thought to date back to the early 19th-century, has been discovered on a remote hillside.

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B e Str� cuspair na bliadhna sa airson na farpais FilmG, agus thug an cuspair sin brosnachadh do th�rr dhaoine gus cur a-steach airson nan diofar fharpaisean.

FilmG: Cothrom air leth Gàidhlig a chleachdadh an lùib film is teicneòlais

Thèid an naodhamh cuirm dhuaisean aig FilmG a chumail Dihaoine sa tighinn (17 Gearran), agus tha a h-uile coltas ann gu bheil an fharpais airson fhilmichean goirid sa Ghàidhlig cho tarraingeach ’s a bha i riamh am measg inbheach agus òigridh.

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Loch Ness. Picture: Visit Scotland

Scottish Travel Itineraries: Inverness and Highlands

The romantic Highlands of Scotland have a huge variety of attractions to offer visitors. Outdoor activities, historic sites and delicious food abound in this dramatic northern landscape. To help you find the best Scottish holiday, we have compiled some itineraries, so you can discover the Highlands’ magic for yourself.

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