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Jane Bradley: Quel relief, it’s OK to parlez Franglais

Quebec’s language police have had to call off the dogs after a row over an Italian restaurant being forced to drop the word ‘pasta’ from its menu says Jane Bradley

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Shakespares Macbeth was of course set in Scotland, but did the bard ever visit the country himself? Picture: Getty

Did William Shakespeare visit Scotland to win over James VI?

Robert Burns is Scotland’s bard, but there is some evidence that more than a century before Burns was even born, William Shakespeare made a visit north of the border.

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The Highland castle of three murders that disappeared

The history of Helmsdale Castle is so grim it is said to have inspired William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

A "leerie" at work in Park Circus, Glasgow, in 1955. � CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection.

When Glasgow’s gas lamps went out for the last time

The lamplighters - or leeries - were a familiar sight on the streets of Glasgow as they dashed from lamp to lamp before dusk with their long ladders and lighting poles.

Nardini's world famous ice cream parlour, Largs, North Ayrshire. 
Picture: Paul Tomkins

Nardini’s: Scotland’s best-loved ice cream institution

It’s one of the iconic eateries, an ice cream empire that’s captured Scottish hearts, minds and taste buds for more than eight decades.

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House “older than Stonehenge” found in East Ayrshire field

The remains of a pre-historic dwelling older than Stonehenge or the Callanish Stones have been found in a field in East Ayrshire.

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The statue of Wojtek the bear is showing signs of wear around its nose and ears. Picture: Jon Savage

Tourists damaging Wojtek the bear statue with ‘lucky’ nose rub

FIRST it was Greyfriars Bobby. Now the statue of Wojtek the bear has been damaged due to too many people rubbing his nose.

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Canadian Governor General Designate Julie Payette meets Queen Elizabeth II during a private audience at Balmoral Castle, Scotland. PIC: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire.

Sneak peak at Queen’s private room at Balmoral Castle

The rare insight to the monarch’s living arrangements was given when Julie Payette, the Governor General Designate of Canada, was welcomed into the Queen’s Deeside residence.

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The Robert Burns Mausoleum at St Michael's churchyard in Dumfries. Picture: Wikicommons

Arrest made in Robert Burns vandalism case

A 17-year-old has been arrested in connection with a vandalism attack on the final resting place of Robert Burns.

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Tourists on the Royal Mile. Picture: TSPL

BBC to show Edinburgh Old Town ‘party flat’ hell

The growing problem of short-term lets in Edinburgh’s Old Town – a Unesco World Heritage site –is to be investigated by Panorama, the BBC flagship investigative programme.

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High security barriers installed on Edinburgh's Royal Mile to prevent terrorists from ramming vehicles into pedestrians.Picture: SWNS

Anti-Terror barriers to be installed in Edinburgh over Christmas

New anti-terror barriers are set to be installed in Edinburgh city centre for up to seven weeks over the festive season due to the vast numbers of visitors expected to flood in for its Christmas and Hogmanay celebrations.

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Scots helped to develop tea estates in Assam, northern India, and Sri Lanka (Ceylon as was).

Bill Jamieson: Let’s hear it for our Scots tea heroes

Holyrood questions over the sale of English tea ahead of a Scottish brand are on to something, says Bill Jamieson

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Glasgow-born Sir John A Macdonald,  former Prime Minister of Canada. PIC: Creative Commons.

Why does Canada want to remove symbols of its Scottish settler past?

Sir John A Macdonald, whose face will be removed from the Canadian $10 note, was prime minister of Canada when the first residential schools were set up to teach both the English language and Christian word to indigenous children.

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Video: A pictorial history of Edinburgh’s floral clock

EDINBURGH’S floral clock is the most recognisable face in town and every year like clockwork it delights visitors and locals in their thousands with its unique and colourful designs.

Edinburgh, Fife & Lothians
A new 'frozen museum' attraction will be installed on George Street in the run-up to Christmas.

Edinburgh unveils plans for festive celebrations in New Town

Huge ice and snow sculptures of Robert the Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots, Dolly the Sheep, Greyfriars Bobby and the Loch Ness Monster will be brought into the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town for the festive season.
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John A Macdonald. Picture: Creative Commons

Scot who founded Canada removed from banknotes over ‘genocide’

The Scot who founded Canada is to have his face removed one of the country’s banknotes amid a row over “cultural genocide”.

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Bespoke sword-making service coming to Edinburgh

Bespoke sword-making service coming to Edinburgh

Scotland’s leading licensed sword seller, The Knight’s Vault, has launched a bespoke sword-making service in Edinburgh due to popular demand.

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A ruby and sapphire ring gifted by Bonnie Prince Charlie to a female supporter is on show in Inverness. PIC: Inverness Museum and Art Gallery/Ewen Weatherspoon.

7 Jacobite relics still found in the Highlands

The Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites exhibition in Edinburgh is a must-see but many relics from the 1745 uprising can be found in museums around the Highlands and speak to the hope, ambition and losses of the North as the rebellion took hold.

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The weathermen of Ben Nevis

They were stationed near the top of Ben Nevis at one of the world’s first permanently manned weather observatories.

A red squirrel in one of the feeder boxes at the woods near Aberdeen. PIC: Forestry Commission Scotland.

Red squirrel sees off grey invaders in Aberdeenshire wood

It has been a long struggle by the native red squirrel to see off the invasion of its grey cousins.

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