Nardini’s: Scotland’s best-loved ice cream institution

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The high-altitude weathermen of Ben Nevis

A sailor bids farewell to his family as he heads off to war. Picture: Getty

Whistle blows for centenary of epic Jellicoe Express


Video: The bloody Highland castle said to have inspired Hamlet

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When Glasgow’s gas lamps went out for the last time


House “older than Stonehenge” found in East Ayrshire field

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Tourists on the Royal Mile. Picture: TSPL

BBC to show Edinburgh Old Town ‘party flat’ hell

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Shakespares Macbeth was of course set in Scotland, but did the bard ever visit the country himself? Picture: Getty

Did William Shakespeare visit Scotland to win over James VI?

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Video: Ten historical Scottish artefacts recovered from time


Moffat sheep races cancelled after 80,000 sign petition

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Glasgow University with its grand architecture may have  benefited from money generated  by the slave trade; below, David McDonald. Picture: Danny Lawson

Glasgow University sets up study to chart any links to slavery

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In Quebec, around 78 per cent of people class themselves as Francophone, while 42.6 of the local population are bilingual. Quebecois want to preserve their French culture, but rules are being relaxed.

Jane Bradley: Quel relief, it’s OK to parlez Franglais

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Scots helped to develop tea estates in Assam, northern India, and Sri Lanka (Ceylon as was).

Bill Jamieson: Let’s hear it for our Scots tea heroes

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Martyn McLaughlin: Dubai yet to make good on promises for a queen now in exile

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The Scottish roots of a prized Native American decoration


Nobhailean taobh muigh na h-imire: eachdraidh ’s an còrr dhen t-saoghal

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