New payouts for victims of hepatitis C blood infection

MORE Scots who were infected with hepatitis C through treatment with NHS blood or blood products will now be eligible for thousands of pounds of extra support.

Extra tests as Scots contract hepatitis C on holiday

Hundreds of dialysis patients are being given extra screening for hepatitis C after two people contracted it following treatment in the same unit in Spain.

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Hepatitis C cases to soar

The number of people in the Lothians diagnosed with a potentially fatal blood disease is set to hit record numbers this year.

Hepatitis C sufferers tell how 'manky' blood devastated their lives

SCOTTISH patients infected with hepatitis C or HIV through blood products have revealed the devastating impact on their lives as the first stage of a major inquiry ended.

Hepatitis C diagnoses reach record levels across Lothian

THE number of cases of the potentially fatal liver disease hepatitis C is set to reach record levels in the Lothians.

Hepatitis C: Silent but deadly

A million people in the UK die each year from hepatitis C, but many don't even know they are sufferers. Now the stars turn the spotlight on this stealthy killer

£2m boost for hepatitis vaccines

OVERSEAS investors and Scottish Enterprise's Scottish Venture Fund are pumping £2 million into a fledgling biotechnology company to help it develop hepatitis vaccines.

Nearly 2,000 Scots unaware they suffer from hepatitis C

HALF of all hepatitis C cases in Scotland go undiagnosed each year, campaigners warned.

The other big C

IN 2004, Petra Wright, 52, from Bo'ness, was diagnosed with hepatitis C, the same disease Anita Roddick revealed she was suffering from last February. The virus is still surrounded by stigma, despite the fact that it can be contracted during a blood transfusion, as happened to Roddick.

Lord Owen alleges a 'cover-up' over 1,757 blood deaths

EVIDENCE relating to how thousands of British people contracted deadly diseases from contaminated blood imports was covered up by government officials, a former health minister alleged yesterday.

Hundreds may have HIV without knowing

HUNDREDS of haemophiliacs may still be unaware that they contracted HIV or Hepatitis C from infected blood products up to 30 years ago, an independent inquiry heard yesterday.

Doctor jailed for working while carrying hepatitis

AN ACCIDENT and emergency doctor who put thousands of patients at risk by working at ten hospitals when he knew he had hepatitis B was yesterday sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Police, fire and prison staff to get injections against Hepatitis B

POLICE and firefighters will be given a vaccination against Hepatitis B, as part of a number of new measures to protect frontline workers from blood-borne viruses.

Relatives in court battle for hepatitis C public inquiry

CAMPAIGNERS took their fight for a hepatitis C public inquiry to the courts yesterday, hoping that the Scottish Executive would be forced into a U-turn.

Hepatitis sweat warning for contact sports

RUGBY players could be at risk of contracting hepatitis B through sweat, researchers said yesterday.

Roddick reveals she has hepatitis C 'and it's a bit of a bummer'

THE Body Shop founder, Dame Anita Roddick, has revealed she is carrying the hepatitis C virus.

Body Shop founder Roddick has Hepatitis C

BODY Shop founder Anita Roddick revealed today she is suffering from the disease Hepatitis C.

Chef in HIV trial denies '200 lovers' claim

ITALIAN chef Giovanni Mola admitted in court yesterday that he had infected a woman with HIV and hepatitis C, but denied he was a "serial Romeo" who had bedded 200 women.

New silent killer pulsing through drug users' veins

BACK in the 1980s, Scottish doctors found themselves at the centre of a storm. The eyes of the world fell on the heroin dens of Muirhouse, in Edinburgh, where the UK's first HIV epidemic among drug users was discovered. In 1986, the Muirhouse Medical Group practice found that out of 164 drug users on their lists, 83 were infected with HIV.

Lothians gets cash boost to fight hepatitis C

MORE than £550,000 is to be invested in the Lothians to help tackle rates of hepatitis C infections.

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