Helen Liddell

Helen Liddell

Strewth! 'Dragonlady' a surprise hit in Oz

BACK home, she is either Stalin's Granny or the Dragonlady - and those are just the publishable nicknames.

Liddell to lead the High life Down Under

THE sun-bleached surfers of Bondi and the hardened jackaroos of the Outback will not have seen anything quite like it before.

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Speculation on Liddell's Australian post prompts job-shopping claim

HELEN Liddell, the former Scottish Secretary, was accused yesterday of "job shopping" following fresh speculation she will be appointed the next British High Commissioner to Australia.

The party is finally over for Stalin's granny

AFTER two years, £18 million of taxpayers’ money and several thousand air miles, the party is finally over for Helen Liddell. Instead of the soirée she had predicted, she has found herself in a taxi homewards.

Axed: Liddell and her office go

HELEN Liddell was forced to quit as Scottish Secretary yesterday, when Tony Blair airbrushed both her job and department from the face of the government.

Signs of chaos contradict Liddell's claim that resignation was planned

THE axe had been slowly falling over the Scotland Office since devolution - but no one thought it would create such a mess when it landed.

'Bored' Liddell looks for new job

HELEN Liddell, the Scottish Secretary, has admitted her controversial £125,000-a-year Cabinet post is "not a real job", Scotland on Sunday can reveal.

Liddell's job safe as Blair rejects Lords' findings

TONY Blair has ruled out scrapping the post of Secretary of State for Scotland.

Lords: There is no need for Helen Liddell

HELEN Liddell’s position as the Scottish Secretary looked precarious last night after a House of Lords committee said her job should be scrapped.

Now Liddell is condemned by her peers

ABOLISHING the post of Scotland Secretary and the Barnett Formula is the kind of proposition that no London politician would dare to make if he hopes to be re-elected. If it wins votes on one side of the Border, it loses them on the other.

Lords in call for Liddell's job to be scrapped

HELEN Liddell’s post as Scottish Secretary should be scrapped and the job merged with the equivalent job in Wales, an influential committee of Westminster politicians recommended today.

Scotland on Sunday answers Helen Liddell's complaints

HER department costs taxpayers £6.6m but Helen Liddell insists she is worth it.

Liddell's adviser and SMG shares

HELEN LIDDELL’s special adviser owns a significant shareholding in Scottish Media Group and has asked the Scottish Secretary to make special arrangements so she can retain her financial ties, it emerged last night.

Helen Liddell and The Scotsman

IN THE absence of any discernible opposition to the government from the discredited Tory party, the role of public scrutiny has fallen increasingly to the press.

Liddell v Scotsman newspapers

TODAY the Evening News publishes a list of alleged inaccuracies made in the newspaper compiled by the Scottish Secretary Helen Liddell.

The Scotsman Exhibits

Each exhibit relates to the relevant point by Helen Liddell. “Exhibit Three” relates to “Complaint Three” and so on.

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