Heathrow robbery

Heathrow robbery

Heathrow robbery gang get 64 years after historic no-jury trial

THE leader of an armed robbery gang has been told he is likely to die in jail after being convicted by a judge in an historic trial without a jury.

Former BA driver was link in plot to rob £33m at Heathrow

A FORMER British Airways worker was at the centre of a plot to carry out two raids at Heathrow airport totalling nearly £40 million faces jail.

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Insider at airport 'gave crucial tip' to armed gang in £33m gems raid

A GANG of armed robbers plotting to loot an airport warehouse of £33 million in diamonds, gold and cash were tipped off by an insider, a court heard yesterday.

Airport heist: seven in court

SEVEN men were due in court today charged with attempted robbery and firearms offences, following an £80 million attempted robbery at Heathrow.

Seven charged over failed £80m theft

SEVEN men were charged last night with attempted robbery and firearms offences following an attempted theft of £80 million from Heathrow.

Dome diamond gang snared in same way

THE failed £80 million heist at Heathrow Airport yesterday morning has attracted comparisons with the ill-fated attempt by an underworld gang to snatch diamonds worth £200 million from the Millennium Dome in November 2000, which, if successful, would have gone down as the world’s biggest jewel theft.

Police foil £80m gold and cash robbery

IN THE annals of criminal folklore it would have gone down as the greatest British smash-and-grab of them all, eclipsing the Brinks Mat heist in 1983 and even the notorious Great Train Robbery 20 years earlier.

Seven held after £80m raid foiled

SEVEN men were being questioned today following a foiled £80 million gold bullion and cash raid at Heathrow which would have rivalled the Great Train Robbery.

Criminals turn to hi-tech thefts

THE arrests at Heathrow Airport yesterday morning were made by Scotland Yard under the auspices of "Operation Grafton", a new crime-busting initiative that has already foiled several hi-tech cargo thefts around Heathrow Airport.

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