Harold Shipman

Harold Shipman

Accused 'had Shipman report on computer'

MURDER accused Malcolm Webster had the inquiry report on serial killer Dr Harold Shipman stored on his computer, a court has heard.

Serial killer Harold Shipman's prison letters made public

Letters written by Dr Harold Shipman while he was in prison have been made public.

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'He repeatedly invokes the ghost of Shipman past'

EVEN before devolution, the NHS in Scotland was a separate entity from the health service south of the Border and, since 1999, the Scottish Executive has increasingly diverged from England on matters of health policy. But one key issue remains reserved to Westminster - medical regulation.

Murdering GP Shipman leaves legacy of pain

THE legacy of serial killer GP Harold Shipman has led up to a third of family doctors to become reluctant to prescribe opium-based drugs, stock them in surgeries or carry them in their medical bags, according to a survey.

GPs 'fear Shipman comparisons'

SOME family doctors are not prescribing opium-based painkillers to elderly patients, for fear of drawing comparisons with serial killer GP Harold Shipman.

'Robust' tests on the cards for all doctors and nurses

DOCTORS will face "MoTs" every five years to make sure they are still fit to do their job, as part of proposals set out in the wake of the Shipman murders.

Health chiefs defend their progress since Shipman

THE Department of Health has been forced to defend its implementations of recommendations made following the Harold Shipman murder inquiry.

Rogue doctors face crackdown

THE watchdog in charge of ensuring doctors are fit to practise is planning tighter controls to identify practitioners who may fail or harm their patients.

Only one item returned from Shipman's jewellery stash

ONLY one piece of jewellery stolen by serial killer Harold Shipman has been returned to relatives of his victims, it emerged today.

Shipman's victims' jewellery found

GEMS stolen by the killer doctor Harold Shipman from his victims were found in a jewellery box in his bedroom, it emerged yesterday.

Shipman jail death 'could not have been prevented'

THE death of serial killer GP Harold Shipman in jail "could not have been predicted or prevented", Prisons Ombudsman Stephen Shaw said today.

Memorial for GP Shipman's victims

A GARDEN of Tranquillity to commemorate the victims of mass murderer Harold Shipman was opened yesterday.

Garden opens to mark victims of Shipman

A GARDEN of Tranquility to commemorate those who died at the hands of mass murderer Dr Harold Shipman was due to open today.

Warning over 'new Shipman'

A NEW Harold Shipman could strike because of failures in the NHS, the president of the General Medical Council said.

Doctor trusted killer Shipman 'implicitly'

A DOCTOR accused of failing to notice a "cluster of deaths" among patients of Harold Shipman told a GMC hearing yesterday he had trusted the GP "implicitly".

Medical profession 'poorly equipped' to identify rogue doctors

ONE of Britain's most eminent doctors has claimed the profession is still poorly equipped to identify rogue medics, five years after Harold Shipman was convicted for murdering hundreds of patients.

Shipman's widow won't get jewellery

JEWELLERY that may have been stolen by killer GP Harold Shipman from his victims will not be returned to his widow, police have said.

Shipman jewellery not to be returned to his widow

JEWELLERY which may have been stolen by killer GP Harold Shipman will not be returned to his widow, police said yesterday.

Inquest says Shipman couldn't face life in prison

THE serial killer Harold Shipman committed suicide in jail because he could not face the prospect of spending the rest of his life behind bars, an inquest jury said yesterday.

Shipman took legal action to stop sale of his prison letters

KILLER GP Harold Shipman copyrighted his letters and prison diary in a bid to stop inmates selling them to the press, an inquest heard yesterday.

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