'Micky' vows to cure ills in Haiti

CHARISMATIC pop star-turned-president Michel Martelly took over Haiti yesterday promising to rebuild its earthquake-devastated capital, develop the long-neglected countryside and build a modern army.

UN questions mystery votes in Haiti election

THE legitimacy of Haiti's election is in question after officials released results showing 18 legislative candidates suddenly received thousands of votes and were named winners.

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Jean-Bertrand Aristide 'returning to Haiti within days'

A SOUTH African official last night said Haiti's ousted former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide will return within days, after seven years in exile.

Haiti: Exiled leader beckoned home by faithful

SEVERAL thousand supporters of ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide have protested in Haiti's quake-torn capital, waving photos of their exiled leader and vowing to derail a run-off election next month unless he returns.

Result of 'rigged' Haiti poll to be released

THE final results of the first round of the presidential election in Haiti will be announced next week, the country's electoral council has said.

Former dictator 'returns to rebuild Haiti'

FORMER dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier ended his silence this weekend, telling Haitians he returned after 25 years in exile because he wanted to participate in the reconstruction of the earthquake-shattered country.

Helping build future for Haiti

HE'S a disaster troubleshooter with passport stamps from some of the most ravaged regions in the world.

City focus on aid to Haiti, one year on

KIND-HEARTED fundraisers across the Capital have helped to rebuild the shattered lives of around 830,000 people in Haiti since the devastating earthquake struck almost a year ago this week.

Haiti: Voices in the ruins

A year on from the Haiti earthquake that claimed 200,000 lives, five survivors tell of their ordeals and their hopes

UN to probe Haiti cholera outbreak

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has announced the creation of an independent panel to investigate Haiti's cholera epidemic, which some Haitians have blamed on UN peacekeepers from Nepal.

Uneasy calm in riot-hit Haiti

HAITI's capital was struggling to emerge from two days of riots over the disputed presidential election yesterday with shops opening sporadically, the airport allowing cargo flights to land and fewer flaming barricades.

Political rhetoric ramps up as Haiti burns

Haitians were last night preparing for armed clashes and more days of flaming barricades as rival candidates called on supporters to take to streets and tip the balance in a sharply disputed presidential election

5 die as Haitian migrants' motorboat hits reef

A MOTORBOAT overloaded with Haitian migrants hit a reef off the British Virgin Islands and capsized yesterday as it tried to evade authorities. Five people died. including two infants.

Haiti puts cholera death toll at 2000

Haitian officials estimate that more than 2,000 people have died of cholera since late October

UN appeals for £100m as cholera kills 724 Haitians

The United Nations yesterday asked for $164 million (£100m) to fight the cholera outbreak in Haiti that has already claimed 724 lives and is expected to continue spreading for up to a year.

Disease threatens Haiti's children in wake of floods from Hurricane Tomas

COLD, damp conditions in Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Tomas have left thousands of children at risk of potentially fatal diseases, Save The Children warned yesterday.

Hurricane batters quake-shattered Haiti

Hurricane Tomas flooded the earthquake-shattered remains of a Haitian town yesterday, forcing families who had already lost their homes in one disaster to flee another.

Asian source of cholera hitting Haiti

The strain of cholera that has hit Haiti, killing more than 300 people, has been identified as having come from Asia.

Cholera catastrophe threatens Haiti

HAITI WAS last night on the brink of a new humanitarian disaster after an outbreak of cholera swept the central part of the country, killing almost 200 people and infecting over 2,500 more.

Dozens dead as Haiti struggles to contain outbreak of cholera

Haiti's government and its aid partners are fighting to contain a cholera epidemic that has killed at least 138 people in the nation's worst medical emergency since the 12 January earthquake.

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