Haggis recipes

Haggis recipes

Haggis recipe: Haggis Lasagne

If you want a Scottish twist to a classic Italian dish, this recipe is for you...

Haggis recipe: Haggis a la Crispo

This recipes is sure to fill you up after a long day hunting haggii on the moors...

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Haggis recipe: Haggis Across the Pond

In the USA it is virtually impossible to acquire the traditional ingredients for Haggis. This is a version that most folk find very good.

Haggis recipe: A wee Welsh flying Haggis

A haggis escaped from Scotland in 1690 and has become a popular dish in the Welsh valleys...

Haggis recipe: Hunter's Haggis Pie

A very simple dish but always a winner for intrepid haggis hunters...

Haggis recipe: Haggis with patty tatties and neep surprise

The Neep Surprise - Neeps stuffed with pease pudding with a cap of cheese & cranberry sauce

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