US health chiefs invited for visit in bid to beat haggis ban

Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead has invited a delegation of American officials to Scotland in a bid to persuade them to reverse a 40-year ban on the haggis.

Lochhead to battle US ban on haggis

RURAL affairs secretary Richard Lochhead has invited a delegation of American politicians to Scotland in a bid to persuade them to reverse a 40-year ban on haggis.

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14% of Scots 'don't know what haggis is'

ALMOST one in five Scots don't know what a haggis is, and a staggering 20 per cent of Britons believe it is a living, hilltop-dwelling animal, a survey showed today.

Haggis chocolate to tickle the tastebuds

IT'S been battered and fried, rolled in oats and served up with neeps and tatties. Now Scotland's national dish is embarking on a new culinary adventure, with the launch of the world's first haggis chocolates.

Haggis recipe: Haggis with patty tatties and neep surprise

The Neep Surprise - Neeps stuffed with pease pudding with a cap of cheese & cranberry sauce

Haggis recipe: Haggis for the soul

'Haggis for the soul', submitted by D.S Hamilton, is the winner of this year's Haggis Hunt recipe competition.

Butchers deny author's claim that first haggis was English

SCOTLAND'S haggis-makers today leapt to the defence of the dish's origins after claims the first recipe for the food was published in an English book.

Haggis on a high from Canada to Kazakhstan

EACH year, haggis makers prepare for a rush on their product as Burns Night approaches.

Scots lose out in great puddin' race

SCOTLAND'S Government has been labelled the loser o' the puddin' race after failing to intervene in a transatlantic row over the national dish.

Haggis under threat as young shun the trade

IT may be their busiest time of year, but haggis makers are warning a skills shortage could threaten the future of the industry.

Let them eat haggis cake

ELIZABETH LOGIE and Paul Bedford 'pipe in' a special haggis cake baked for a Burns Night event at Jenners today.

Haggis champion leaves £2m

HIS first job after leaving school was behind the counter of his family's small butcher's shop in Edinburgh. But over the years his entrepreneurial spirit turned the humble haggis into a fine-food item, on sale in top stores including Harrods and Fortnum & Mason.

Which haggis is truly chieftain o' puddin' race?

HAGGIS, the most traditional of Scottish dishes, is probably the one item of cuisine for which this nation is known around the world.

Express deal adds taste of the Orient to a very Scottish dish

EVERYONE knows it goes well with neeps and tatties or even in a chip supper.

Haggis caught in confusion on human risk of sheep disease

CONSUMERS are to be told that avoiding mutton is the only way to reduce the risk to humans of an animal brain disease, prompting fury from meat producers including Scotland's best-known haggis maker.

Haggis with altitude as Scots climber sets Burns Supper record

A MOUNTAINEER claimed the record for the world's highest Burns Supper yesterday after joining in the celebrations from a mountain top in Argentina.

Anger as Executive lumps in haggis with hot dogs

JACK McConnell moved quickly yesterday to reassure butchers that haggis would not be banned for children - despite an Executive guidance which warned that the national dish was as unhealthy as chicken nuggets and turkey twizzlers.

Butcher serves up halal haggis

RENOWNED Edinburgh butchers Crombies have created a halal haggis to allow Muslims to enjoy a Burns Supper.

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