Greener Scotland

Greener Scotland

Salmond hails China renewable energy deal

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has welcomed a £6.4m renewable energy technology deal signed between Scotland and China.

Government is 'split' over Leith biomass plant scheme

SCOTTISH Government ministers are split over the controversial proposals for a £360 million biomass plant at Leith docks, it was claimed today.

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Housing officers show tenants how to be green

HOUSING officers are offering energy-saving advice to tenants after receiving training in how to be more green.

Guerrilla war against urban eyesores wins top green prize

Gardening group are rebels with a cause, says Jenny Fyall

EU 'must pull its weight for Scotland to hit green targets'

SCOTLAND'S ambitious target to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 42 per cent by 2020 is only achievable if Europe boosts its own efforts to tackle global warming, according to a government report.

'Green police' fail to hit own targets

THE government body responsible for protecting Scotland's environment has been accused of "extraordinary double standards" for failing to slash its own greenhouse gas emissions.

Third of Scotland going in wrong direction in fight to cut emissions

GREENHOUSE gas emissions have increased in a third of council areas in Scotland, new figures have shown.

Ministers 'lazy and shortsighted' over rise of incinerators

AN INTERNATIONAL waste expert has criticised the Scottish Government as "lazy and shortsighted" for allowing an increasing number of giant incinerators to be built.

All plastic welcome as new factory set to revolutionise Scots recycling

SCOTS could be able to throw all types of plastic from yoghurt pots to food trays into the recycling bin within a year under plans revealed to The Scotsman.

Government fails to reduce gas emissions

THE Scottish Government is failing to hit its own targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, figures have shown.

Bird? Plane? No, hero with green mission

MAXIMUS, saviour of worlds, protector of humankind, has been given a mission by the President of the Earth: stop the planet from heating up, and do it fast.

Green energy could create 16,000 jobs

THE number of jobs in renewables in Scotland could increase more than fivefold in the next decade.

Will recycling target end up on scrapheap?

AS MOUNTAINS of rubbish are emptied by the lorryload into a shed at one of the dozens of landfill sites across Scotland, the aim of recycling almost three-quarters of all we throw away seems a long way off.

One in three Scots makes green resolution

SCOTS are planning to lead greener lives in 2009, a new survey suggests.

A green mood sweeps Scotland

THOUSANDS of Scots have stepped up to the challenge of fighting climate change and are helping our country set a shining example to the rest of the world.

Scotland aims to lead world in global warming battle

THE Scotsman joins forces with Natural Scotland on a campaign to promote greener lifestyles. Click below if you want to join in.

Free & easy

IT'S HARDLY CONTROVERSIAL TO SAY THAT we live in a material world. Yet materialism has its limits – what do you do when the cupboards are packed, the loft is overflowing and the garage no longer has room for cars?

Solar nexus

IT FIGURES THAT THE DAY I'm meeting architect Lorn Macneal on the site of an Edinburgh newbuild featuring renewable energy systems – notably solar voltaic panels for generating electricity – it's chucking it down. Luckily, by the time I arrive at 139 Grange Loan the rain's stopped, but it's all puddles and mud. Accessing the house involves an ungainly scramble over a network of planks.

You can do it

Gardening seems like such an inherently green activity. But what about those new patio slabs that came from a quarry that uses child labour on the other side of the world? And that pesticide that killed off the local bees as well as the bugs that were ruining your prize flowers? To ensure that your garden is ethically clean as well as green, try incorporating a few of these suggestions into your gardening routine.

World of opportunity

HOLIDAYS abroad can make any little green changes we've introduced to our everyday lives seem completely redundant. So what if you turn off the tap when you brush your teeth, recycle junk mail and have switched to low energy lightbulbs. How can those lifestyle tweaks compensate for taking a flight that releases tons of harmful CO into the atmosphere?

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