Great Scottish Food

Great Scottish Food

Oat cuisine ain't what it used to be

WHEN your dish consists of just three primary ingredients - oatmeal, water and salt - sometimes a pinch of superstition can make all the difference.

Demand for Scottish food board

FARMERS, chefs and MSPs are calling for a food board for Scotland to ensure the Scottish brand remains a leader in the world market.

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Who ate all the organic quiche?

THEY have sustained generations of fans through foul weather and tedious 0-0 draws. But the pie, the ubiquitous half-time snack routinely washed down with a cup of Bovril, has been given a yellow card on the grounds of fat content and dietary dangers.

'Squeeze' on Scottish food

SHOPPERS will see less Scottish produce on the shelves unless action is taken to tackle the effects of supermarket price-cutting, farming leaders will tell a government inquiry today.

Celebrity status is not enough to save Crusty from the lobster pot

A SCOTTISH hotel which cooked up a giant lobster has found itself in trouble - after locals claimed the crustacean was a local celebrity who should have been saved.

Local food heroes

SCOTTISH Food Fortnight was launched yesterday at Glamis Castle in Angus, a fittingly rural and agriculturally rich part of the world to welcome in this year's event.

Table-toppers deliver success on a plate

THE best restaurants in Glasgow and Edinburgh were named last night at the List magazine’s annual food awards.

Deep-fry chocolate goes from chippy to posh nosh

ITS origins can be traced back to the humble chip shop where deep-fried chocolate bars became a big seller.

Baking is a piece of cake

SCOTTISH baking is not the fine pâtisserie of most mainland European countries.

Matching wine with puddings

FORGET cranachan or cloutie dumplings; one of the most delicious desserts made in Scotland is Hot Marmalade Pudding.

Claire Macdonald's baking recipes


Recipes for fruit and veg


Season's eatings improved

TWENTY-FIVE years ago obtaining fruit and vegetables in the more remote, rural areas throughout Scotland (like here in Skye) was pretty well impossible.

Matching wine with veg

THERE’S only one basic rule to remember here. In the minefield that is food-and-wine matching, there is just one thing that is sure to send a vegetarian screaming for the door. Don’t serve them heavy tannic reds to wash down a veggie risotto, quiche or polenta. Remember, there are no friendly meat proteins on the plate to soak up all those aggressive tannins swimming around in a full-bodied red wine. Stick to soft, fruity, spicy numbers and you’ll win over your veggie friends every time.

Say cheese and raise your glass to a taste of heaven

CHEESEMAKERS in Scotland are still permitted to use unpasteurised milk in their cheesemaking, and most of the really excellent cheeses on the market are made from unpasteurised milk.

Cheese recipes


We can all be part of the great game

GAME is not the prerogative of country dwellers these days. It is available in most forms to those who live in the innermost centre of cities and towns, and found in supermarkets as well as butchers and poulterers. We should be aware of the excellence of our game, in all its very many types.

Matching game with wine

My first real experience of choosing wine to serve with game was in Italy, of all places.

Claire Macdonald on fish


Matching fish with wine

‘WHITE wine with fish, red wine with meat’. It’s a mantra we have heard so often and we stick to it rigidly. But is it just an old wives’ tale, or is this old maxim based on good reasoning?

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